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  1. Thanks twofires I also have my father's old Yamaha Rx-396 (https://www.cnet.com/products/yamaha-rx-396-receiver/) - slightly more powerful (but >20 years old), would be interesting to try it with Q350s
  2. With good prices on KEF speakers at the moment I'm wondering whether the Q350s would match well with my Rotel A10 - I understand the amp is a little underpowered for the 350s, but how might that manifest as a problem? I don't need volume, just quality. Other option would be the Q150s which require less power. The A10 is a (re-)starter amp for me too - would imagine I will upgrade in next couple of years. Thoughts? Thanks as ever
  3. ok I am so hopelessly ignorant about this I hope I can even explain it clearly. I have an analogue set-up (amp/turntables/wired speakers). I'm about to move the whole thing out of the living space into to a dedicated room - but I would like the option of sending the music I play to wireless speakers back in the living room (and maybe the kitchen). Wiring up second pair of speakers not viable option. So I know about bluetooth and wifi speakers. (I'm assuming I would go for wifi - my experiences with bluetooth not good - but please educate me if needed). What I don't unde
  4. Thanks to everyone who has replied so far - all great ideas, following up various threads
  5. Broad question, but no harm in asking. Looking for bookshelf speakers under or around $1k, to go with a Rotel A10 and (predominantly) vinyl set-up. My tastes are mainly beat-based Latin, Brazilian, African, Caribbean , jazz etc (but also my old 80s alt stuff). As you can see from the photo, I plan to amuse myself by mixing, so some/most of the time I'm standing at the bench. But also sit back on the couch facing it to listen. Double lounge/living room in old Victorian house - floorboards, high ceilings etc. I know I should audition different cho
  6. Thanks KRSDarwin and Snoopy8 Out of those two options I like the look of the Ion Forge. It seems they come up for sale on here from time to time too ?
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. blakey72 - do you mean these: https://www.selby.com.au/brands/audioengine/audioengine-ds2.html ? Somewhere sometime I read something negative about tilting speakers, but cannot recall how fussy an issue it was ... And thanks for the cheap isolation idea - I know pro-ject make isolation feet, and as I have 1210s I guess I could go the whole Isonoe route ...
  8. Hi all I have a pair of Acoustic Research 'Red Box improved' speakers (the only components of my late-1980s system I have left). My set up (turntables) sits on a heavy old workbench, and I use it for both mixing (for my own amusement) and listening - so the speakers currently sit on that. Obviously, when mixing I'm standing at the bench; and when listening I'm on the couch facing the bench. I'm very out of the loop regarding current speaker stands - could someone recommend a budget-to-midrange stand that would sit on the bench? The speakers are 187 x 160mm at their base.
  9. Hello. Starting out again after many years, go easy. Looking for thoughts about an amp to go with existing speakers. The only components of my late-1980s system I have left are a pair of Acoustic Research 'Red Box improved' speakers. I have really struggled to find accurate information on these. This thread seems to be about them: AR Redbox improved made in UK. I bought mine in the UK, although they certainly no longer have the 'made in UK' sticker the ones on that thread do, and I don't recall them ever having that. I also found this webpage, which is either them
  10. Thanks for your replies, very helpful as usual. A similar enquiry on Reddit suggested one of these! Goat hair record brush
  11. I'm returning to vinyl after a very long time away, and have a question about brush record cleaners. I have a brush from, I assume, the mid-to-late 1980s: the 'Diplomat record brush', made by Decca - see photos (I even still have the instructions!). Rather lovely isn't it?! However, I'm wondering what sort of life span these have and whether it is still the best thing for my records? (I also have a MoFi duster/wiper for deeper cleaning, but would also like a brush for quick surface dust removal). It doesn't state what type of fibres they are. Obviously, I looked after it back in the
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