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  1. no it is new product from KLH https://klhaudio.com/model-five-pair
  2. sorry Matt, don't have that speaker any more Any bought one though...
  3. Wow @peppy awesome review!!! Speaker was amazing with airy and wide soundstage with very tight bass which I loved the most about the speaker. Actually found KLH to be better with classical music than Martin Logan's 15x, haven't heard 35xt switch to change airiness actually did the magic when turning onto High. Brought so much airiness to the music without any harshness on treble. It actually mated so well with my Eric Mcchanson's amp.
  4. Just listening to them for the first time on Qobuz, not much of rock listener but not bad at all... like the first song though
  5. yap and in old school way Yeah Eric had mine connected to that B&W speaker when I was picking mine up for the first time but it was classical music, actually piano sonata he was listening to
  6. Didn't see this but yeah lol its actually 1/4" and XLR 4 pin connection Not sure how he does but both 4 and 8 ohm has so much power even for 300ohm headphone...
  7. Apparently it get shipped on a pallet as speaker weighs 30kg each.... luckily that's no my home so no need to worry about returning hehe
  8. Got lucky and have auditioned the KLH Model Five just now driving using my Eric's amp (Currently with Psvane KT88) and this speaker and amp pairs so well. Can see why so much hype with this speaker!!!! Great separation of sound, airy treble and deep and tight base. Tested with Elikit 8200 with stock tube and this amp just didn't have enough body or dynamics compared to Eric's amp... I could be biased but man Eric's amp really shines when connected to beautiful speaker like this KLH ones....
  9. Not as fancy as your tube this is new tube just got it delivered today, Psvane KT88-T Mark II Premium
  10. Oh lok at that glow on your 300b man that is something man!!!!!
  11. Oh you are all ready for @Yetiman Enjoy Matt
  12. What Eric does with headphone output for the amp is to tap straight into the speaker out. This is why all his demo unit comes with speaker to 1/4" adapter. I made my own cable to use from speaker tap to 1/4" or XLR adapter...
  13. KT77 seems to be only getting the dust in my drawer... It now has Brimmar 6L6GA most of time now..
  14. Congrats man you will love the amp.. guess can't wait to pick it up from Matt
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