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  1. @AlurkA Thanks for sharing your experience . I atleast now know what DAC to buy when I win a lotto 😉
  2. Sub $800 If you can find the legendary German Lehmann Audio Linear D/SE whichever version of it .. One of the best amp I have heard under $1000 or maybe even $1500 One of the best HD800 pairing known. btw: A2A used to sell it , they still might have some stock . Call & check if u keen on this amp .
  3. @lycos Actually both of them, Pontus II & DAC3 sound very close. Now whether Pontus II is not R2R-ish enough or DAC3 is not Delta Sigma-ish enough I can't say. But Pontus does not warm things up like Ares, no. DAC3 does not sharpen things at all, rather is very musical.
  4. Not a Burson fan since their quality kept declining in the past few years. So won't have anything positive to say, rather just keep quiet I guess on 'Burson' topic, from here.
  5. Anyways.. Finally it is DAC3 for me with Sparkos Aries amp and McChanson 300b amp. Now to headphones
  6. There is a thin line between history and 'myth'ology for some... Gotta be careful nowadays. Ppl get offended more easily than they used to... hence "whatever your belief is" is a safe line ender. hahaha good one
  7. I actually went in this comparison leaning more towards Pontus given a big 10kg machine vs 2 kg DAC3. But even I was surprised.. Then I asked my partner to test. She couldn't care less, Pontus or Benchmark ...all she knew was she is testing 2 different amps using a 3rd amp .. 🤐 (I can't bother to educate her DAC vs AMP neither is she interested) Anyways, I know that the The woman has golden ears surely. (ignore the references to 'the amp' pls of course_) 1. Oh Man (Live@MNAC Museum) by Jain ... describing instruments having more kinda
  8. only if we learnt something from history , rather mythology, whatever your beliefs tell you. David vs Goliath can produce unexpected result.
  9. Amazing seller ... missed out to buy this by a day and purchased a new one yesterday 😭 Only if I had not bought mine in excitement yesterday locally from the store, I could have save myself good $600-$800 today !!! You should have told me mate that you were looking to sell this
  10. 'To my Ears & Requirement' I will give DAC3 the win. Why ? (these points may not be applicable in your case) Nice musical DAC, not edgy at all. (want to know edgy, trebly , go try Mytek Brooklyn & DAC3 will be an R2R for your ears) Pulls through better in the busy passages of music . Slightly better than Pontus for Electronic and Alternative music, which is a big part of my preferred genre. The instruments actually sound more separated on DAC3 The DAC3 has preamp functionality Output voltage is controllable via jumper
  11. The difference between DAC3 and Pontus is NOT day & night and won't put x % age points against it coz there's no way of measuring that hence poor baselining. They both are nice accurate DACs. The feeling of having a 10kg DAC with big transformers (or whatever inside) does give you a secured feeling against a smaller machine. Its just like wearing a very thick bullet proof jacket vs new tech thin jacket which is equally effective in stopping bullets , but thicker jacket gives you more peace of mind.
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