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  1. Continuing on from our busy week of turntable sales and setups last week, we are very proud of this combination - the Dr. Feickert Woodpecker turntable in all black finish, combined with the Kuzma 12" Stogi S VTA (adjustment on the fly) tonearm. The brass inserts complement the brass of the tonearm beautifully. Sound? Sublime - "Into the Void" by Nine Inch Nails sounded sensational! Many thanks for the opportunity to be involved with this Jason, we hope it brings you many years of enjoyment!
  2. Feickert Friday! Here is the Dr. Feickert Volare turntable tricked out with a Sorane TA-1 tonearm, The Funk Firm Achromat and the Audio-Technica Australia AT-OC9XSL MC Cart.
  3. It's Tube Thursday! It's an overcast day with a chance of rain here in Western Australia. Nothing better than the warm glow of tubes and a cuppa, listening to your favourite music. Pictured is the Line Magnetic LM-805iA.
  4. The Hegel V10 is a stunning first-attempt for a brand who said they would never make a phono stage! Plenty of reviews online stating how much of a performance this offers with a rich feature set. Demand is high so if interested, move quick!!!
  5. I think you don't give our client nor ourselves enough credit, but that's OK. The client is well aware of the limitations of the room and is smart enough to be aware of this without us having to explain it. Believe it or not, the positioning of the right speaker is the least of the room's problems. An evaluation of the previous equipment in the room and potential upgrades were discussed at length with the client and ultimately the Sabrina speakers were left in situ for a week for the client to determine their appropriateness in the room based on these limitations, with no expectations on our part. Result? Client purchased the speakers. And the system sounds fantastic in a room that "shouldn't" work as well as it does. We have been fortunate to be through lots of high end systems over the years and one thing we do is never take the performance of a system in room for granted - there have been so many systems that on paper the room in combination with selected equipment should sound terrible, yet the real world performance yields a different story. So what we have above is one of the best sounding office systems you could hear.
  6. Great review from Christiaan Punter over at HiFi Advice:- https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/spdif-dac-reviews/cos-d10-dac-preamp-and-network-player/
  7. MERIDIAN ANNOUNCES NEXT GENERATION DSP8000 XE DIGITAL ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKER Meridian Audio has launched ground-breaking new developments in Digital Active Loudspeakers with the introduction of its new flagship loudspeaker, the DSP8000 XE. The DSP8000 XE is the first Meridian loudspeaker to emerge from the company’s Extreme Engineering Programme which commenced more than six years ago. Informed by psychoacoustics and engineered by experts, the Extreme Engineering Programme was created to re-imagine every element of Meridian’s product platforms, including both software and hardware. A major advance, borne from Meridian’s significant investment in this programme , is a new design concept known as ‘Precision Sonic Transport’ (PST). PST adopts innovative techniques and new processes to ensure that every aspect of the audio signal journey through the loudspeaker maintains maximum sonic fidelity. Every detail and emotion is rendered to the listener exactly as captured in the recording. DSP8000 XE is the first of Meridian’s products to benefit from the enhancements enabled by PST, with further new product developments to be announced. The DSP8000 XE is built on a brand-new audio architecture, using higher specification, more powerful components and leveraging Meridian’s expertise in psychoacoustics to achieve exceptional sound quality. • Atlas Software Core. An all-new, future facing audio processing and control platform. Host to Meridian’s most powerful DSP engine to date, Atlas Software Core enables the implementation of new enhancement technologies and features. It also allows even more performance to be extracted and delivered from Meridian’s existing proprietary audio technologies. • R1 Electronics Platform. The essential hardware infrastructure that deploys the Precision Sonic Transport design concept in DSP8000 XE. It features all-new, highly specified digital and analogue circuitry and sophisticated, signal enhancing developments, including: - Command Board: State of the art processing centre, dedicated to the powerful DSP processing engine and controlling the functionality of the speaker. - Sync-Link: Transporting precision re-clocked digital audio via shielded RJ45 links from the Command Board directly to the new DAC boards. - All new DACs and Amplifiers: Separate dedicated higher performance DAC boards and more powerful, application-specific amplifier boards are hard-wired via extremely short balanced audio connections to minimise any signal interference. • Next Generation Drive Units. Introduced throughout to push performance levels to new heights. - Subsonic Bass Driver: Six all-new 200mm long-throw (24mm excursion) bass drivers in a ‘force balanced’ configuration to give maximum bass extension with total clarity and control. - Evo Mid-Range Driver: A 160mm long-throw drive unit, newly developed non-conductive voice coil former and large motor system to deliver detail and clarity combined with power and dynamics. - Ultrasonic Tweeter: A 25mm beryllium dome and silver voice-coil featuring a new custom steel waveguide which enables pinpoint imaging and wide dispersion for total spatial immersion. • Cabinet and Mechanics. Modernised aesthetics and re-engineered cabinet accommodate mechanical performance enhancements with updated driver clamp-ring system, flush-fitting acoustically transparent metal grilles and mass-loading aluminium base plate. • Connectivity and Control. DSP8000 XE offers significant new connectivity and control features. These include easy setup and control via the new Meridian B-Link Bluetooth device, IR, USB, RS232, or with a Meridian Controller product. Each loudspeaker also includes the optional IA21 analogue input module which enables users to connect and control the DSP8000 XE via their preferred third-party analogue pre-amplifier or processor, if they wish. Orders for the DSP8000 XE are being taken now, the standard finish is piano black. Select colour options are available. Start of production for DSP8000 XE is March 2022.
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