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  1. I can pick it up in about a week and a half if you're willing to wait that long.
  2. Q Acoustics Concept 300s. These only have 84db efficiency, and it's plenty loud in my opinion. It depends on the size of your listening room of course, and your tastes, but a good amp with good quality power doesn't need to have a lot of power to drive a speaker well.
  3. Great price for a great product. I have the Prisma version of the i15. Glws
  4. Thank you all for your feedback so far. I've provided some pictures below to give you a better idea of my setup. A couple of people have mentioned taking measurements. What's the best way to do that? Can I do it with a mobile app / mic? 1. About 60cm 2. I actually sit in front of the couch (as I mentioned I'm in a wheelchair), so about a metre. 3. About 2 - 2.5 metres. 1. Currently the setup is not very bass heavy. The Q Acoustic Concept 300s are meant to go to 55hz if I recall correctly, however, I am thinking of getting a sub down t
  5. Hi all, I'd like to improve my listening room, which is my living room, with acoustic treatment, and I'd like some advice. It's an extremely non-ideal room for hifi because of the layout, and no solution is going fix that, but I'd like to do what I can within a reasonable cost. I can only put acoustic panels on the back and front walls. The right side is a glass sliding door onto balcony and there is no left wall because the living room and kitchen / dining area is an open floor configuration. One thing I don't quite understand is why people put acoustic pan
  6. Great speakers. If only I had waited to buy them at this price, but alas I already have a pair in my living room, paired to a primare i15 streaming amp.
  7. Why not just use an old android device with a usb c to optical audio adaptor?
  8. How much to ship within Melbourne? You're not within 5k unfortunately.
  9. Which Kanto desk stands are those? S2? If you get interest for the kef speakers and kef stands, but not the kanto desk stands, I'd be interested in the latter.
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