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  1. Not sure if you found what you're looking for, however due to an upgrade I have a NAD C556 (Rega RP1 rebadged) which i've upgraded with a Rega performance white belt and a low hours Ortofon 2M Blue, and will also throw in the original unused NAD cartridge (which I am sure is a Rega Carbon unlabelled). Will be a bit over your stated budget (the cartridge alone retails over 300 normally) but I can do a sharp deal for local Vic pickup as I need the space back. Let me know; this is a killer rig for a starter turntable.
  2. From my own experience (I had bought mine through a reseller on Amazon) they sent me a new one, with no instructions regarding disposal, return or otherwise of the old. If an owner holds onto their old unit and uses it at their own risk either modified or not, then there's nothing wrong. If someone were to pass it off in a sale as faultless (and many sellers were indeed trying this on) then that would definitely be immoral as there is a real risk of damage to headphones. Caveat Emptor applies as always.
  3. The fix was for a static discharge risk - apparently in some cases static build up on the user's body can discharge through the volume pot when touched and jump onto the PCB, where it can fry the output opamps and allow a high DC voltage onto the directly coupled HP output. On the other hand these can actually be made safe with a little bit of DIY; a metal collar or other ESD collector around the shaft of the volume pot and a wire run to a grounding point on the chassis will all but remove this risk totally. In the new units they just added a couple of spikes to connect the ground
  4. I've also got a custom made Cardas cabled 3m 4Pin XLR with Neutrik connectors; perfect condition and unused since I sold my HD800 (originals) last year. Happy to sell for $250 inc post. Let me know via PM if interested.
  5. Hi there, sorry it's been a long week. OK next thing to try (if you haven't given up yet !) is to unplug the two wire links on the back ("Pre Out to Main IN") and connect something external like a CD player or a MP3 via RCA phono jacks to the "Main IN". Then select anything (apart from CD Direct) and see if you can hear the problem manifesting. If it does then we can be sure the fault is not in the complex switching circuits but rather in the final tone control buffers and power amp stages around the volume control and power amp, which narrows it down considerably. This part of the amp circuit
  6. So how did you go with the Direct mode ? Looking at this again I see the L & R signals meander across a bunch of ribbon cables between various boards before arriving at the main power amp section, but not much happens on the journey which could cause both channels to intermittently drop out (though cable integrity and ensuring connectors are not oxidised are worth checking)....they go to the volume control pot on a board, which you should clean (by the way, since it's a motorised pot....are you sure the motor isn't actuating and winding the volume up ?...if so then it's a whole different k
  7. Hi mate. I enjoy restoring old audio equipment and so have a bit of experience in diagnosing issues. This one sounds to me like it might be caused by a couple of possibilities; the easiest one is a dirty volume (and/or balance) pot. Have you tried squirting some contact cleaner into all the potentiometers then working the knobs for a bit (you can buy it from Jaycar stores, or get the better stuff such as deoxit from Fleabay) ? These devices often pick up dirt on the carbon tracks inside and you can get this kind of behaviour of volume jumping up and down dramatically...... Now look
  8. I just recently put a DL-110 onto my new Pro-Ject X1, feeding into a Rega Elex-R phono input. This thing is amazing; it's a "High Output" MC, which can be fed into an MM phono stage, and I was dubious about that, but really the levels are absolutely fine - and the resolution, imaging and bass quality are all fantastic. I've come from an Ortofon 2M Blue and was worried the Denon would fall short - but it's a tier above in terms of overall musicality to my ears - and a good fit with my amp. These cartridges are a bargain (though sadly not as much as they apparently were a few years b
  9. Hi mate. Please be aware the L30 has been recalled by Topping due to an ESD related design flaw which can destroy headphones connected to it; it fails in a mode which puts a high DC voltage across the headphone jack. Unless the unit was built from December 2020 then it needs to be replaced (for free) by the supplier ASAP. Suggest you do this before selling or whoever buys it may not be aware or able to get it replaced. This issue can be googled (Topping L30 recall) and you'll see many people are in process of having their units replaced...I know as I was one of them. Ch
  10. Guys you should check the serial number of the L30, because they are subject to a recall from Topping. Any L30 built before December 2020 is potentially subject to catastrophic ESD damage which will destroy any headphones plugged in. Google this. You should return/replace the L30 preior to selling it as a second hand buyer probably cannot. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  11. I am using the 353x with SR-L700 Mk2.....there is no compromise at all that I can see....punchy, clear and articulate with plenty of headroom (fed from a Topping DX7 Pro). Probably the best value energiser out there................you probably madfe a decision by now, but if not then don't be worried about the 353 it's a great piece of gear.
  12. Well, right now I'm listening to a brand new pair of LCD-X's being driven from a Quad VA-One EL34 amp; fed by a Topping E30 playing Tidal from my PC.....................all I can say is this combo is simply awesome. The synergy is great and I'm not feeling a need to EQ at all. I love these.....compares very well indeed to my Stax L700/SRM 353X.....
  13. Further information: Beautiful Fuji X100S camera in perfect working order with only 4400 shutter actuations since new. Comes with Fuji leather case, charger, 2 batteries, lens cover and original packaging. Always kept in Fuji leather case so body is extremely clean, and its never been used with a hotshoe flash or tripod. Awesome camera, and wonderful Fuji lens makes beautiful memories. The new version is $2199 from Ted's - these are top cameras and a wonderful creative tool especially for street photography. Photos: PLEASE READ
  14. Further information: Beautiful mint condition silver Topping D50 desktop DAC for sale; boxed with all accessories. Lovely sound, extremely versatile and truly punches above its weight. Read the reviews, then grab a bargain. No longer in use as I am now using an all in one DX7 Pro for my office setup. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not
  15. Hi there. Not sure if you found your 800S or not as yet, however I have a nice pair of original HD800 doing nothing on the shelf in my collection; low hours and great condition. If interested PM me, otherwise good luck ! Cheers Sabercat
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