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  1. Thanks for your all interest. The sale is pending now.
  2. I have some potential buyer for pre so if someone interested in power, just pm me. Thanks
  3. Just quick reply for some questions. I am not the first owner so don't know how old they are, they are from domestic distributor or overseas. These gears are in great condition, well built and build to last. Cheers
  4. Further information: Up for sale is a combo of Accuphase, pre C2400 & power P1000. They are in very good condition, 230v version. Pre C2400 has optional phone board that worths thousands. Power P1000 was a flagship at the time, really heavy 50kg without box. I have original boxes but due to the size and weight, I prefer local pickup or buyers organize their own courier, not considering to separate. More info, please refer the link. Any questions just ask. Thanks for looking. https://www.accuphase.com/historys/c-2400_e1
  5. At this price, it's true bargain. Not easy to get good speaker at the price, particularly at this condition. Glws!
  6. Item: Sonus Faber Cremona Price Range: $5000 Item Condition: excellent Extra Info: I am looking for a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona original or M version, any color. Need to be delivered or can pickup in Sydney. Thanks!
  7. Bargain! Less than a half of retail price. If it was in NSW
  8. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/328773-fs-accuphase-p1000/?tab=comments#comment-4652303
  9. Accuphase transformers natively support both 100v and 230v so it's easy to convert from 100v to 230v.
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