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  1. Many thanks for the clarification. Yes it has no adjustment for anti skate.
  2. The 2m black and originlive seems to be a good combo. I wanted the TT to perform like 3 times its price😁 my sytem consist of: Line magneric 508 amp Yaqin ms23b- this one would need to be changed to a better phonostage. Monitor Audio Gold 200 speakers VDH CS122 speaker cables VDH D102 / Audioquest interconnects. Denon DCD1520 sacd Musical fidelity A3.2 amp Gustard x16 / smsl sd9
  3. Thanks for your advice mate, I appreciate it. I have looked into incognito or originlive rewire kit and it's cheaper than replacing the tonearm. Can you recommend a better cart?
  4. It's a Rega entry level, it looks like RB202 but I'm not sure
  5. Hello, I am planning to upgrade my Avid Ingenium's tonearm to Rega RB880, about $1300(half the price of the turntable), I'm wondrin' if it's worth it. The sound of this TT is impressive and I think there is still a potential to sound better.
  6. Hi, I've been a member for quite a while but haven't posted anything yet. I like to listen to Jazz. I have purchased a record player last year and started buying vinyl. The best ones I recently bought were albums from Brubeck and Miles Davis. I am sure I will be buying more vinyl records soon and I would appreciate your recommendation. Here's a photo of my current gear. Regards, Einnar
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