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  1. Musical meaning for me, it sounds coherent, the lows, mids and highs are not on their own but it is sounding just right playing together. Definitely not thin sounding, some pure silver cables are not using the right size awg for the conductors hence the thin sound. The cable isolation inside i think plays also an important role in Mark’s design with the 2020 ethernet cable. If you havent tried it it is def worth a try.
  2. Actually Mark Coles of Sablon used the same implementation (separated/twisted conductors) when doin my recent 50cm one-off sablon pure silver i2s with rj45 termination. compared to the 2020 sablon ethernet used as i2s data, this exhibits less grain, more dynamic, smoother even tho it sounds more detailed. Doesn’t lose bass/mid which the 2020 sablon ethernet is really good at.
  3. @dbastin are u planning to give it a run? Other than keepin the 4 pairs separated theyre implementing tourmaline and copper shielding with gold plated plugs. Have you tried the sablon 2020 ethernet cables? They beat my revelation audio labs pure silver by a mile in musicality.
  4. I also have the DS-10 with upgraded supply. Still have the PA-10, not really in a hurry of selling it. Anyone have a PA-10 for sale so I can use mine as monos?
  5. Thats exactly what my renderer’s designer said, the music server doesnt matter, but every isolation and tweaks i did to my current mac mini makes a difference in sq improvement. Every time. So next step would be havin a music server that runs “lean” using linux (for complete control of everything).
  6. Id also be really interested on the rasp pi/linux combination for music servers. Sending digital files through upnp protocol to my endpoint.
  7. I agree with copper sounding better, the convertor's quality differs, one needs to use a good one from cisco or similar or the sonore optical module or the etherregen to get good audio quality, and ends up with copper ethernet downstream.
  8. What i’d suggest is to use optical for those longer runs plus it gives an isolation to the cable router. Dont use a cheap dlink (and such) but a cisco 2960 or similar switch, or an optical module from sonore. And then use the shorter better ethernet in shorter runs.
  9. Yes, Ross of Pitt & Giblin told me about it, the Waxflower is the name of the bar if not mistaken. Would love to check it out as well.
  10. Great thread! Came across the Pitt and Giblin brand from TAS a couple months back, and was wondering how the superwax and the superwax mini sound with the hypex amp. Thinking of simplying my rig. Looking forward to hear some feedbacks!
  11. @mcurMichael did you end up getting the PA-10? Just saw your post. Actually im putting my PA-10 for sale, soon my DS-10 as well, I went for the pair. Thinking of upgrading my temporary system. From my experience the PA-10 is quite a smooth performer, a typical Italian sound, mellow and soothing with lots of detail sparkles. I haven't got the chance to use it in dual PA-10 monoblock setup. As a hybrid Class A/D, the case is never even feel warm whenever I touch it. Also, the right power cable matching is very important in my experience. It was a high gauged pure copper
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