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  1. Hi Dave, Proac 1SC are a sublime speaker. I have owned a pair for over ten years & while other components come & go they've remained, a testimony to their sonic virtues. Proac 1SCs are seldom up for sale, but worth the wait. Your Spendors on TM are they not to your liking? Regards.
  2. Hi Graham, I would suggest moving the amp to the top shelf as it will get quite hot. Regards.
  3. Hi All, Some thoughts & ramblings………. Cash is King in retail, & will generally give you a lot of leverage. If you’ve saved hard & felt the pain, then you less likely to spend, as it’s your own money and you certainly value it more than a loan. An excellent moderating factor. Deals in retail will generally have hidden costs, booking fees etc, were the retailer can make up on the discounted product. So all is not necessarily as it would appear. Deals will always occur; it’s the nature of the retail machine. So be patient, next time around it’s maybe a better amp at
  4. Hi fisher X 100A Most certainly pay off the debt first, other opportunities will certainly arise in the future. Regards,
  5. Greetings All, I know & understand that some individuals bestow an iconic status on the Plinius SA250, but isn't this one getting at bit over priced? :confused: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=519332661 Or perhaps I'm out of touch. :rolleyes: Regards.
  6. Hi EMD, I concur with your evaluation of the yellow label Mullards. I stumbled upon some ECC88 yellow label Mullards in an old oscilloscope, & used them in my Lamm preamp & was greatly impressed. Likewise I chanced upon an ECC83 yellow label Mullard short plate, & was equally enthralled with its capabilities. Apparently these tubes are purpose made/screened for long distance transmission equipment, & have a longer life expectancy, high tolerances & high reliability. Regards.
  7. Hi All, I spent some time with Crighton at the Listening Post here in Christchurch, on Saturday morning. He wanted to make it absolutely clear that there is no connection between his business The Listening Post Christchurch & The Listening Post in Hamilton. (Most folk in the audio community probably knew this already, but just to set the record straight...) Whilest Hamilton is experiencing difficulties; Crighton assures me that The Listening Post Christchurch is alive & thriving. Regards.
  8. Hi Tgaboy, Please define what you're unsure of. :confused: IMHO one of the better current production KT88 tubes is the reissue Genalex Golden Lion from New Sensor. I have a number of quads in different amps, & enjoy them immensely. Currently $US200/quad plus freight, insurance & taxes. Regards.
  9. Hi All, Now that's serious money for a pair of old speakers, of questionable design, in unknown functional condition. :eek: IMHO for that money there is an infinite number of better options than these. Auction fever perhaps. Regards.
  10. Hi Dunnersfella, Yes second hand, a couple of pairs in circulation. One on Tardme currently, but not locally unfortunately. I'll point him in the direction of the Jade 5 as an alternative. Thanks & Regards.
  11. Greetings All, Has anyone any experiences of the Wharfedale Opus 1 Speakers. A colleague is interested, & asked my advice. Not quite my style, :eek: but to each their own I suppose. Any thoughts or comments would be gratefully received. Regards.
  12. Hi All, Might be an interesting project. Assuming they're functioning ok, are they a worth while speaker? What amplification would suit them, especially given those 300mm drivers ? Any thoughts or experiences anyone? Regards,
  13. Hi All, http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=487913034 Isn't this amp running these tubes very hard :eek:, given that the EL34 is rated at 25 watts. 70% is I believe a resonable rating for good tube life, which would equate to 35 watts for a pair of these tubes in push pull configuration. Any thoughts from our resident tube gurus. :confused: Best Regards
  14. Hi, These are what I would be seriously considering. http://www.audioreference.co.nz/product/pass-labs-xa-1005-mono-block-power-amps-100w-class-175w-class-ab Very delicious, but depends on budget of course . Enjoy..... Cheers.
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