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  1. Goodness me... you haven't changed your centre speaker yet.
  2. Amazing... Anyone using 'Storm trooper' pillows gets my vote of approval.
  3. Have a quick read...https://h-m-entertainment.com/svs-sb-1000-pro-review Just walk into any HiFi store up your way and audition the SVS SB 1000 Pro if they sell this sub. If you like what you hear, ask for a trial at home. Can't hurt asking...
  4. Obvious answer would be SVS SB-1000 Pro which is a sealed sub with a 12-inch driver plus 325W of amplification...all your boxes ticked.
  5. Have a quick read of this...http://hiresaudiocentral.com/hrac-approved-review-svs-ultra-and-prime-center-channel-speakers/ Then go down to your nearest Hi Fi store that stocks these speakers and have a listen. Then compare what your current centre sounds like... I can almost guaranty you will walk out with a new speaker. As an owner of a centre speaker with two 6 1/2 inch drivers, hoping you may take a shine to the one that features this configuration.
  6. And then you end up down that expensive rabbit hole As far as running dual centre speakers, I wouldn't suggest doing this. The centre channel takes the biggest load for H/T duties which the SVS Ultra would fit right in with dual 6 1/2" drivers compared to the Prime 5 1/2" drivers. Going for a gloss finish on any speaker you may purchase will reflect light on to your screen, which can be distracting. Besides, when the lights are out no one will care if the speaker is black or white any way.
  7. Amazing job, well done on your set-up, but... may I suggest one of these to finish off your system. SVS Ultra centre speaker, your satellite centre seems to be a bit lost in the mix.
  8. Looks pretty special to me. Krix and Elektra go hand in hand as theatre audio for your room. The only criticism would be to clean the fingermarks off your Denon amp... Outstanding looking room, well done.
  9. Brand new, low kms, rarely driven...will Youi insure this?
  10. He will... He will get woollier, my brother takes the woofa down to the groomers for a wash and groom and for this service (wait for it)...costs 120 smackers. Still reckons best purchase he ever made. Cheaper than having children living at home I guess.
  11. My brother has the exact same woofa as you, only much larger in size. He reckons one of the best purchases he ever made.
  12. Don't give up, you have 6 photo's that have come through. Nice deck by the way...
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