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  1. Further information: Still had these in a back cupboard. Concurrent issues from 129 to 144 with subscriber cover. Not sure if there are other SW Insider people here so i thought i'd start with SNA. Photos:
  2. Further information: Culling some unused cables. Built by Bill when he first launched his SNA cables, locking RCA's, were an improvement over some higher priced name cables i had at the time. Photos:
  3. Further information: Culling some unused cables. Great construction by Bill, 75cm length. Photos:
  4. Further information: Culling some unused cables, bought new by me from BJ when i first bought my Qutest. Great cable, Belden 1694A construction. 1m length. Photos:
  5. Further information: I bought these new pre-2000 as my first pair of hifi speakers (preferred them over some Richters at the time). Have been on HT duties recently but am requiring more living room space...as per CFO directive. I was hoping to keep them for a 2nd system but here we are... Showing some age of course (see photos), with one cone dent and some bottom corner damage due to the crazy-ex... Otherwise cabinets are great, speaker covers still perfect, come with carpet spikes, good for a refurbish and are probably just too heavy and lacking cost-effectiveness to ship. With Sydn
  6. I've tried a few times to email DD's label/manager/the man himself on Instagram to have this album available to stream (Tidal, Qobuz) but no dice. A great local DIY effort from a talented young'un
  7. I will continue with qobuz, but am continually annoyed with the overall library. I mean, no Garbage? Not a single album? No Eva Cassidy. Might as well purchase lossless versions from Apple Music. Anyway, time will tell if qobuz are actively seeking rights agreements to increase their library in Australia. Rant over.
  8. Thanks for updates on this so far - the Apple library is what is just so tempting and exciting (when compared to Qobuz), its just the connectivity between Apple Music and your Hifi that i am finding challenging. AirPlay is restricted to 48khz is it not? So really you need to have a Mac with an OS greater that 11.4 (and who's to say that this bar is raised in the future) connected via USB to a DAC. And lets not start on library integration... Surely Apple are in cahoots with a widget/box manufacturer (or making their own) that allows for easier connection? Anyway, all rhetorical ques
  9. Great seller, buy with confidence - those cables are very much brand new. That's a Bargain 😀 GLWTS 👍
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