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  1. Any idea where I can send this to be rewired?.
  2. Hello, I have just brought myself a Pro-ject signature 10 turntable, Whilst setting it up and attaching the head shell to the tonearm I did not realize that the arm was only a push fit into the main body and it fell off ripping the wires out. I have attached a picture and would like to know if it can be fixed or I have to buy a new one.
  3. currently running a rega exact cart, the rest of the system is a McIntosh MA7200 and B&W 804d
  4. Hello all, very glad to be a member here. A lot of really great information and I have spent the last couple of weeks just reading and learning a lot. Currently thinking about upgrading my Rega RP6 to either a VPI Prime or an Origin Live Calypso. Unfortunately I live about 700km from the nearest Hi-Fi store so cannot listen before buying so will be relying on the recommendations I can get from the forum, Thank you.
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