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  1. Great speakers and great price. I have been enjoying mine alot lately. Glwts
  2. I have one that I will be listing for sale soon. Let me know if your interested. Cheers
  3. I like all types of music. I love vocal and instruments like guitar and bass. But i couldnt pick one genre because my music selection is too diverse. Im open to any suggestions.
  4. At the moment im happy to keep the gold lions in there or at least until the tubes settle in. What vintage tubes did you have in mind?
  5. I just bought a set of gold lions and rolled them in yesterday. Straight away from the first note you could tell how much better it sounded over the original tubes in them which were 6922 electro harmonix.
  6. I thought there best pre was the ART? I just got the Premier 17ls and it sounds amazing in my system.
  7. Item: Plinius SA-250 , Plinius SA-Reference Price Range: Fair price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Would love to own either one of these amps. If anyone is willing to sell there’s or has any leads on someone that may be selling, please message me. Cheers
  8. Would love to hear people’s experience and thoughts on Conrad Johnson gear. I have recently purchased a premier 17ls line stage preamp. Haven’t received it yet but I’m hoping it works well with my setup.
  9. Further information: Has been kept in good condition with very little use. Prefer local pickup due to size and weight but can organise shipping via pack and send. Comes with grill. Great subs for the money. Photos:
  10. Item: Aurealis RCA interconnect and Speaker Cables Price Range: Used Item Condition: Usedl
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