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  1. Hahaha yes there is a time for digital... usually when p!ssed as a newt when you can't hear the difference! 😆
  2. So glad I vinyl so I don't have to deal with all this streaming crap 🤣
  3. Basically Apple just put the core audio and core midi settings in the same place. Just ignore the midi stuff. In the audio settings just set it to the highest bit depth and sample rate and you're good to go.
  4. I think he means the Audio/Midi setup app used to setup audio routing and midi connections.
  5. There seems to be a lot of justifiable negative discussion around implementation of Apples offering and for the most part I agree with those points. I too wish Airplay was higher spec and more widely integrated. Apple Music is also nowhere near the experience Roon provides or as 'audiophile' in some respects as Qobuz. But, I was doing some cost analysis and to get a full no limitations experience you'd need either Qobuz ($229.99/year) or Qobuz+Roon ($229.99 + $120.00 = $350/year). Apple Music is $143.88/year. I guess to a certain degree you get what you pay for. Being largely a physical m
  6. Yeah.. not the best looking thing I've ever seen... and U.S.20K is... a sh!tload of ca$h..
  7. Listening to Dexter Gordons' One Flight Up on Apple Music lossless 16/44.1 vs Qobuz same recording 16/44.1, this is on the highly resolving studio system with UAD->PMC chain fed from a macPro USB C connection. Can't hear any difference at all. I do like the way the Qobuz app shows you the various versions available though, and that it puts that info' with the album details. Apple seems to be hiding all the audio-fool stuff away... 😃
  8. Now that Apple Music has lossless hirez capability I'm sure it won't be long before streamer manufacturers integrate it and some of these shortcomings are addressed. I also hope Apple work on the Music application on the desktop side, it's not terrible but there's a lot of room for improvement. But for zero additional cost, for a complete lossless library, I'd say Qobuz, Tidal et al will have a tough sell on their hands moving forward.
  9. Sounds fabulous Mac->USB->Gieseler Kompakt. Perhaps some justification for the expensive Apple hardware... 😄
  10. Seems to be a pretty complete catalogue in lossless which was to be expected I guess, but difficult to ascertain amount of high-rez as the macOS app doesn't show bit depth/sample rate it only has the lossless logo.
  11. Some recordings more than others, but short answer is yes I hear an improvement. It's a pity that you can't have the sample rate/bit depth column in album view though, only seems to be in song view which I never use.
  12. Looks like release is imminent... https://www.macrumors.com/2021/06/06/apple-music-event-june7-after-wwdc/
  13. How does the whole RSD thing work this year? Are the linked releases only available in-store on the 12th? Do all record stores get them?
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