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  1. Would be interesting to hear if this new generation has tamed the irritating top end of that diamond tweeter...
  2. All the best Bill, take care and get well soon!
  3. Ok so you have to have been sent a coupon code. Cheers
  4. Instore only? (Doesn't appear to be online)
  5. Yeah it makes it tricky to tell if the record is noisy... 😆
  6. It might also be worth pointing out that their production includes quite a bit of introduced noise from samples (check out the vinyl clicks, pops and noise in the right channel on Intro, and this is the 24/44.1 lossless file). There's also times when they're obviously running the vocals and other instruments really hot through compression which does break up and 'distorts'.
  7. Also on Apple Music at 24/44.1.
  8. I have the transparent blue gatefold copy with barcode 194398262116 which I think is GZ media. It’s flat and reasonably quiet, not too bad.
  9. Hahaha yes there is a time for digital... usually when p!ssed as a newt when you can't hear the difference! 😆
  10. So glad I vinyl so I don't have to deal with all this streaming crap 🤣
  11. Basically Apple just put the core audio and core midi settings in the same place. Just ignore the midi stuff. In the audio settings just set it to the highest bit depth and sample rate and you're good to go.
  12. I think he means the Audio/Midi setup app used to setup audio routing and midi connections.
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