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  1. Howdy @Satanica these came on the scene today. Paradigm Persona 7Fs. Another level.
  2. Howdy @rand129678, As of yet I haven’t swapped out the Denon. The issue was automatic switch off when accessing TV and DVD. Since then 2 things have happened, we have watched very little TV and DVDs and I have made an ‘investment’ in some new front speakers (yet to arrive), replacing the lovely Paradigm Studio 100 v5s. If the Denon issues persist or increase I am likely to replace with the Anthem 740 is my thinking and taking account of the feedback here.
  3. It seems everybody had this album. I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. Better than I feared. King Crimson, In the Court of the Crimson King
  4. Read about the Vinyl Detective series in a stereo mag and when I chased down the books I came across this accompanying vinyl. The sound quality is nothing short of exceptional and the jazz is superbly to my taste. Highly recommended collection The Vinyl Detective
  5. And to complete the picture, Stereophile emailed me back with Jim Austin’s contact to seek to address the issue. I informed them it was all sorted and thanked them for their response. Nice to see some good customer service and genuine assistance.
  6. Well that was great work by Qobuz, today I received the following e-mail from Qobuz, and am listening to the Stereophile playlist on Qobuz as I type: "Hello, Thank you for your message. You can access this playlist in Australia through the following link https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/6468666 (three songs are not available in the Australian catalogue for the moment). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Kind regards, Qobuz Customer Service" Excellent.
  7. Excellent report of your journey. I’ve asked my wife to read it so she realises it’s not just me who is embarked on such a tour. You and your family deserve to obtain great enjoyment from your system.
  8. Successfully installed the Sunlight firmware and have been very much enjoying it. When I did the upgrade my PSAudio remote defaulted back to stopping/interrupting playback by changing input selected a couple of seconds after using the remote to increase or decrease the volume. I got rid of this by alternatively toggling between increasing and decreasing the volume for about 20 seconds.
  9. The kids kicked me out of the living room with the main system so while I sought to get to the bottom of some streaming issues I queued up this album and played it on one of my other systems which has recently had new (secondhand) ATC SCM 7s installed (courtesy of another excellent SNA purchase). Glorious recording and sound quality Buena Vista Social Club
  10. I have sent an email request off to Stereophile and Qobuz to have it added to Australia. Let’s see what responses I get. Thanks all for contributing to possibly getting to the bottom of this. Cheers
  11. I am on an Australian account. So maybe different content. Will try emailing Stereophile (who I subscribe to) and ask them to work with Qobuz to extend to Australia. Has not been in Audio Partners in mine, as I checked there.
  12. Thanks @08Boss302 I know it shouldn’t be that hard but whether I go though Roon or Qobuz direct I do not seem able to produce the same results. As I continue to type Stereophile the playlist option drops off after Stereophil as per below. I will keep tying as you have convinced me it is user error/incompetence. Thanks (I think).
  13. I use Qobuz daily integrated with Roon but I have not experienced this problem. On a different subject I read in Stereophile that Qobuz had a Stereophile curated playlist of well recorded music. I have been unable to locate that playlist. Has anyone located that playlist? I generally prefer Qobuz library and hi-res over Tidal versions but still prefer MQA in Tidal as the pinnacle. I decode through a PSAudio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC with Bridge II.
  14. Continuing with Kyoto for record 2 And the last one for tonight, record 3, Osaka
  15. Finally, after months of waiting, the one that started it all: Keith Jarrett, The Sun Bear Concerts A beautiful start tonight with Kyoto (November 5, 1976). @dwbasement this is for you, with thanks.
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