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  1. Yes, thanks again for the reply! For anyone following : "The negative terminal is NOT connected to ground. The speaker terminals sit at around 36V with no signal."
  2. I ended up following Rel's class D instructions and ignoring the possibility that the Halcro negative terminals may be grounded. Though I am interested if @tripitaka does get a reply from Halcro on the subject, thanks again for asking. The hum was not there the next day and must have been external to the system. I ended up purchasing another and am now running duals, if that gives you guys any more to argue about, haha. Thanks all for the comments and suggestions.
  3. Not at all, it's been a very interesting read ! Thank you for that, please let me know if you do get a reply.
  4. Hi all, thanks for the comments and advice. It seems my real question here is whether the Halcro MC20 negative speaker terminals are grounded, or if they have variable voltage. I know class D amps vary by design. If anyone has any knowledge of the MC20 particularly, please let me know. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Andy, thanks for response. I am using one of Chris Daly's passive pre's, I only have a single set of balanced outputs going to the MC20. I want to use the High Level connections for the Rels. The hum that I mentioned is coming from the speakers (and actually the MC20 unit itself) now that I've wired in the first subwoofer.
  6. Hi guys, I have a Rel T9i and Halcro MC20. I have followed Rel’s instructions re connecting yellow and red cables to positive and negative on the amp and ‘floating’ the black ground cable, then using the LFE connection to a receiver to ground the unit. I’m still getting some hum though. I now have a second T9i on the way and would love some advice how best to connect both subs. Really, my question is whether the MC20 negative speaker terminals are true ground, the Rel info on Class-D amps having variable voltage on the black terminal really threw me a bit. Thanks everyone and anyone for any advice! Cheers, David
  7. Thanks anyway all, I picked up an ex-demo.
  8. Item: REL, T9i Subwoofer Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I have purchased an ex-demo unit. Hi, I’m looking for a REL T9i Subwoofer, ideally in black. I’m in Sydney metro south but happy to ship from interstate. Hoping someone in this lovely community is willing to move their’s on ! Haha. Thanks, David
  9. Hi Jeddie, I hadn't considered Speaker Hospital! Name is a little misleading, haha. Thanks for the suggestion, checking out their website now
  10. Hi, thanks for the recommendation re Classic Hifi in Newtown, I will give them a call. I'm in Hurstville so a point to point courier to Newtown is reasonable. Thanks again !
  11. Thanks Gryf, I did give Chris a call but his shop is closed due to lockdown :(
  12. Hi all, I’ve recently moved from Adelaide to Sydney and unfortunately my Yamaha A1 integrated amp didn’t make the journey.. Could someone recommend a Sydney based repairer who could take a look? Fault: Very rhythmic ticking sound starts up when amp is switched on and gets louder when the speakers are activated. I am hoping it is just some wiring that has come loose on the drive. Amplifier will not send signal to speakers while making this noise. it is not intermittent, same sound each time. Thanks so much, David
  13. Hi, I upgraded from using Audirvana on a Macbook Air, I haven't had any experience with the famous Node2i. The most obvious improvement was a real lowering of the noise floor. Instruments seemed to have more 'space' to 'flesh out' and the decay became a tad more natural. Improvements in overall dynamics were less pronounced, but still apparent. But in all honesty, I couldn't speculate on how it compares with the Node2i.
  14. Hi Con, I haven't come across NB Cables before, so thanks for the suggestion. Considering some of the other advice, I think I will be increasing my budget beyond entry level upgrades like NB. I'll revise my original post now to include a price range and required length. Thanks again for reaching out. Hi Init, thanks for the link to Cullen range. Looks like Mick (075Congo) seconds your suggestion so I'll have a good look at them. It is a little more than I was hoping to spend but might be worth trying to get my hands on a set to try them out. Thanks Mick, looks like Cullens cables have some fans! I'll explore them as an option.
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