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  1. no i dont know the model number its a full sized atx case that looks like a home theatre reciever im in waterford near beenleigh come have a look if your interested
  2. Item:Zalaman ATX home theatre pc computer case looks like a hi fi amplifier Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Big enough to fit a 1080 ti or other big graphics card-black very good condition I have built a mini itx computer to do my home theatre now so this is no longer required free to good home. Can post but would prefer pickup Brisbane south
  3. My Acoustat Spectra 11s are about 31 years old now I got them about 3 years ago and they sound fantastic even after all this time I only paid $1000 for them best sounding speakers i ever bought for that money Awesome
  4. I sold the card I had and threw this in while I was waiting for the gt 1030 to arrive(this is a purely media pc i have a gaming computer elsewhere in the house.) I immediately noticed a good sound quality improvement-must be less power drawn from the power supply so cleaner sound?(its a top of the range silverstone psu it did improve the sound quite a bit when I put it in) its hooked to a preamp dac with xlrs and the speakers are electrostatic so the whole thing seems to be pretty sensitive to power changes has anyone else found switching to lower power draw cards improving sound quality or something similar?
  5. Like the title says share your adventure any troubles you had and how you found them etc always interesting- I have managed to find 2 sets of Acoustat spectra 11s (my mother now has the second set) but they didn't really need anything -have you guys found or restored any rare ones over the years?
  6. yes exactly thats what I thought but like I said the T rex duct tape works really well its so strong you dont need much so that will do me untill something more serious (I hope not 🙂 )
  7. I ended up going the lazy fix and bought some t rex maximum strength duct tape-worked better than i thought holds the full weight with a very small piece and is flexible as well-if it doesnt have to look perfect i definately recomend it for an easy fix
  8. I was using my mobius headphones today i went to remove them with no more force than usual and one of the earpieces snapped 95% of the plastic off where it joins the earpiece to the band and you can see the connecting wire now only a tiny bit of plastic holding it. How do you fix something like this normally? Its not under warrantly as i am the second owner but its less than 3 years old. Bit of a joke really for a $700pair -my $15 set from ebay is more solid
  9. I live in a 3 bedroom house that was built more with economy than fantastic internal wiring in mind and I was wondering if it was possible to buy high quality power sockets and have them fitted-I also have about 6 components running off a single power socket with surge board (there's only 1 socket:-( ) which can't be good has anyone else had to deal with anything like this-it all works but im running electrostatic speakers, a power amplifier and 3 others on the one source-what can I do
  10. As stated above wondering if anyone had been fortunate enought to try both types of these great technologies and to share what they thought of each. I've owned a set of vintage Acoustat electrostatics for a while now -which i really enjoy but I always wonder what the other side of the fence sound like...:-)
  11. ? thats a very sad story-people just dont get the ventilation concept sometimes -I keep my gear on an open stand my wife keeps trying to talk me into putting it in a cabinet-but thats one area I WILL disobey ? mine seems to run hot on one of the channels heatsinks when pushed but is ok again when at normal listening levels. Normal behaviour I gues....
  12. the tech said it was transistors and the bias was out he wanted 500 to fix it and id heard of the glue on the circuit boards melting and it happening again to people so when this came up i grabbed it instead
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