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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently running a 2 channel setup with the below components - Pair of VAF DC Mk4's - Rega Elex-r Amp - Schitt Bifrost Multibit Dac When listening at a reasonable volume the speakers have sufficient bass however when I really get them going it feels like its missing something. I've been looking into REL's as it wouldn't require further purchasing in terms of receivers etc. and wanted to ask what size I should think about? Would a t7i be sufficient? t9i? 2 x t5i's? Any help would be great
  2. Got a pair of these myself. Awesome speakers GLWS
  3. Its a shame you can't ship. Ive been waiting for these to come up for a while
  4. Thanks guys, Appreciate the welcome. Krix are great zippi, my sister in law has a pair of Harmonix Mk2's in Blackwood. They look and sound awesome. Ill head over to the General Hi-Fi section and start having a read
  5. Hey friends, New to Stereonet and fairly new to owning my first decent setup. Just purchased a pair of second hand VAF DC-X's in awesome condition along with a Rega Elex-R Amp which has so far proven to shake my house fairly well. Thought I would join the forum to see what people are using and recommending these days. Also looking for a decent entry level DAC to start out with Cheers, Sam
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