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  1. Thanks tassie oak on titans i made the stands as couldn’t buy anything to suit size of Titan and not black ( used porcelain tile and tassie oak ) cheers
  2. No regrets. Greg dropped these over personally as we all headed into lockdown. Happy to recommend to anyone considering an Osborn speaker. I’m no audiophile - just enjoy when the system brings a smile; the after party streamed Roon/Tidal via devialet into the Titans does just that. happy listening
  3. I have also just purchased the Titans and struggled to find a stand (top plate size and not black steel ) so I made my own with 20mm porcelain tile and tassie oak. I then used a white rubber/ neoprene I got from clark rubber - this has not only stopped any slipping but isolated speaker from stand and stand from wood floors.
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