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  1. Interesting idea, I had not considered TV out, thank you!
  2. ‘Neater and timber’ - this I get Fair enough re approaching the end of tweaking. As you know being all analogue here, I’ve been at a similar stage of just thoroughly enjoying buying music... it’s almost a deliberate change in focus, pretending the gear isn’t there and isn’t endlessly modifiable, seeing the music as the intriguing part 🎶
  3. Very transparent sounding, well done on getting to this point 👍 I think I’m becoming accustomed to the slight roll off inherent in coaxial speakers, which may be why that stood out for me. Quite some change since last time I watched a vid of your system though, most notably the lack of turntables 😄
  4. Argh! I looked up DAB+ channels in my area and apparently there is no supper. I was hoping there could be a way to listen to PBSfm channels and of course ABC classical without wifi range plugging the phone in as source...
  5. Slap a cushion on the resonator box you’ve made for seat no. 2 😂
  6. Oh if I had access to a cnc then the list of projects for it would be very long. 😄 Thanks, yeah it’s a bit more involved than absorption panels, although I reckon replicating the hybrid ones (foam with plywood face cut out with many holes) would be simple. A proper 20-30cm deep well diffuser of those arqen designs between the speakers would be nice.
  7. Good fun this project by the look of it! I have been talking about giving some diffusers a go. I like the appearance of your strad front design but have also been keen on the lots of small holes appearance you see in the concert hall type rooms... Concerned about backfiring and having midrange suck out if I go in blind without a measuring set up like you’re using though. Interestingly, I have a 12” REL and also found it worked best, in the limited positions I could test on my own, in front of the right speaker firing at an angle into the right wall! Odd.
  8. Wow! Any more info on the horns? You could create some bug sound with these I’m sure.
  9. Sure. Amp is the ‘Tamarisk’ - a creation by @mwhouston and he has more details on the diyaudio website or his blog. 2.6W SE UL, alps blue volume pot and a combination of Russian PIO and audio note passive components underneath. The tubes are a bugle boy 6DJ8 (I would need someone to tell em the date), the Sophia Electric mesh 274b rectifier, and a pair of Japanese National 6BQ5 in the front (they noticeably bested the Russians that I tried).
  10. Certainly does. And it works just flawlessly and silently, which is much appreciated. As you will have proabky seen elsewhere in troubleshooting another tube integrated right now (PP this time for something different) but I doubt it will ever be as quiet as this.
  11. A spicy in-the-dark shot for y’all as I finish off the second side of Leonard Cohen ‘Recent Songs’ for the night Doesn’t always need a great number of tubes for that magic we all love.
  12. Nice. I was impressed by the sound of the Elgar from that Philips digital series, should be very enjoyable
  13. To what lengths would you go for your system? Old video apparently, but check out the journey for these JBLs... https://youtu.be/iFGqGoenwkE I couldn’t help but gasp at 10:30 🤯
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