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  1. Yeah definitely try them if you can, I think A2A in SA should most likely have a pair you can try, they are quite a popular headphone. I can certainly understand the thin mid-range comment, I would say 'lean' sounding sure, especially if you are coming from Sennheiser or Grado headphones or anything with a really rich, emphasised mid-range. For metal and rock it works quite well, but for acoustic or any vocal-centric genres, the 900 is probably not the most suitable choice. My understanding is that the 'different' tuning on the blue and pearl models is so subtle that you probably won't be able to tell the difference. I've heard from several member on Head-Fi that have owned and compared the Red and Green to the Blue and Pearl and yeah, barely any discernible difference. So I'd probably recommend whatever is the cheapest, unless you really prefer the look of the Pearl or Blue I guess... If you really want bass-cannons and you listen mainly to genres like hip-hop, rap, EDM the Cascade is what I'd go for. But the TH-900 is the better headphone overall IMO, no doubt.
  2. Yeah definitely YMMV. I will agree to disagree, but it depends on what you're listening to, for metal music I think the TH-900 has better charicteristics overall, but the D8000 is more versatile and less polarising I would say. Yeah don't know what it is exactly, something in the upper mids perhaps? But the Clear makes my ears feel violated very quickly. Maybe it's volume? I guess considering the TH-900 is V-shaped I probably don't end up listening as loudly with them compared to the Clear, which I definitely crank a bit too loud. Maybe 85-90dB range. I've measured my TH-900 level at about 75-80dB range, much safer.
  3. Reports of killer highs are exaggerated. They have sibilance depending on source/recording, but the highs really aren't piercing or that fatiguing. The Focal Clear fatigues me way more/faster than the TH-900 and you can always do an easy pad-swap or use a warmer source if the highs do actually bother you. I would make the assertion that most people who try the TH-900 and expect piercing highs are often surprised that... they really aren't that piercing. Although, the caveat being that it is source dependant.
  4. I honestly don't like to admit this, but for my personal preferences, the TH-900 might be as good if not better in some areas than the D8000.... no joke. The clarity/resolution of the TH-900 is on par with the D8000. D8000 Pro is better than both for clarity/detail/resolution, but the bass is pretty weak. It's unfortunate.
  5. Yes. The Cascade is better as a pure 'bass-cannon' and has more mid-bass quantity, but the TH-900 is a far better headphone overall and in a much higher tier than the Cascade. The TH-900 can hang with top-tier headphones like 1266, LCD-4 etc. The Cascade certainly does not. To clarify, I own both the D8000 and TH-900 and have heard the Cascades, but don't currently own them to compare directly. But I liked them when I heard them, especially for it's portability.
  6. Selling an excellent condition Bryston BHA-1 amplifier (Retail $3850) Powerful, high-end, solid state headphone amplifier. Legendary 20-year transferrable warranty (about 17 years left, just need to keep the original box) Includes all original packaging and accessories. Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
  7. I can't believe we missed that D8000 sale at a2a awhile back hey. I asked A2A if they would do that sale price and they said 'haha no, nice try' basically.. oh well
  8. How much difference do you think the Arche makes with the Stellia, does the EQ mode change much? I actually used to own both the Stellia and Elegia as well, but just have the Clear now.
  9. Thanks, will do. I definitely wouldn't buy just one, stereo all the way. I plan to audition the Devialet and the Dynaudio Focus when I can. I have a feeling that the Dynaudio will probably be better than the Phantom in most aspects other than 'dat bass'. I guess we'll see...
  10. Well I'm all about that bass, so it's definitely at the top of my shortlist.
  11. Hey Ben, the Devialet is a very intriguing option. If it's anything like the Naim Mu-so Qb, then it just might fit the bill. I remember hearing the Mu-so at a2a and being blown away by the sound from what is a small wireless speaker in the form of a cube. I thought it would be pretty ****, but the sound that comes out of that little box is stunning. If the Devialet's bass is as good as I've read it is, then I'm damn near sold.
  12. Thanks for your reply Dan. The Dynaudio is definitely on my shortlist. Do you think the Focus is worth it over the studio monitors like the Lyd and BM5A? Wonder how different they could really be? What's the bass like on them? I don't have unrealistic expectations for bass from bookshelves, but I'd rather by pleasantly surprised than underwhelmed.
  13. Budget is around 6k or less, basically the TT2 or cheaper. Headphones are the Focal Clear and Fostex TH-900. Looking to add the Final D8000 at some point as well.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new pair of active bookshelf or studio monitor speakers. They will be used most likely on a desk and in a small-medium sized bedroom. What I'm looking for sound-wise is powerful and tight bass response (as powerful as possible in a bookshelf design), forgiving as possible to poor quality recordings and non-fatiguing treble. I mostly listen to metal and rock music. My budget is <5k so something along the lines of ELAC Navis, Kef LS50 Wireless, SVS Prime Wireless, Dynaudio LYD 7 etc. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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