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  1. HoverEZE for sure! Regarding sealed for the Atmos, there's not really any reason to go sealed over transmission line is there? He can easily modify his design to suit, I.E side ported TL.
  2. Hey guys, I'm planning to build a cinema room in my shed once the property purchase goes through, so probably in about 2 months I'd say I'm looking to start. It's going to be about 7m x 5.2m x 2.7m (Shed is 50ft x 30ft if I remember right). I'm not 100% certain I can go the 2.7m high, but if not I'll go as high as I can. If I can go 3m tall, would that be worth looking at? Or is that too high for the ceiling? It's going to be a 9.2.6 system, Ascension/Adelaide Speakers 12" Summoner 1293SQTL floorstanding for the 9 floor level soundstage (LCR will port to the side so I can put them closer to the wall as well as the AT screen closer to the walk too), Harbottle C24 L1's for the subs, and looking at the Monitor M823SQ for the Atmos speakers (modified to be not as deep so I can put closer to the ceiling, but will be wider to suit that and the transmission line will port to the side instead of the back). Will also be using Harbottle 8 channel amplifiers to drive the speakers. (500w @40hm, 250w @8ohm RMS class D) For the monitors I just need to find a good ceiling mount to use. Any suggestions? It's a concrete floor, would I be better off building a frame on the floor and having the floor off of the concrete floor? Or I could just put 2 layers of yellow tongue on the concrete? Also worth putting some sort of noise dampening foam down before the flooring? Thoughts on Angel Step GOLD 8 or Gold 4 underlay? I've seen stuff on soundcheck gyprock or plasterboard unsure of what's best for the $$ though (double layers?) and green glue (if you can get in Australia, also think there is one readily in Australia by a different name? Can't remember what it's called), what is the recommended stuff to use for walls? Also planning to use R2.7 HD Knauf Earthwool® Sound Shield Insulation Batts for the walls, unsure what to use for the ceiling though? Just standard ceiling batts? Is putting ply on then green glue and the souncheck gyproc on top worth it? (or similar stuff like 16mm Fyrchek?). Thinking so I can mount stuff to the walls/ceiling if need be? (Ceiling for Atmos definitely as then I can mount anywhere, rather than only at the studs) Projector I'm looking at the JVC NX7 new, NX9 used, or the new laser NX7 if it's priced decently in Australia. (Not looking good, 20k at Digital Cinema..) For the screen I'll be using OZ Theatres AT screen, probably 150" 16:9. Regarding air conditioning, I've looked at ducted which seems like a decent option, or there's the Daikin US7 Split system that has a setting that brings in fresh air from outside. Also the door! What kind of door should I be looking at? I'm thinking a bigger than standard 2.34m x 0.87m door, unsure what to look for though? Any old solid wood door? Also what do I go about sealing the door properly? From a thread on here from 2013 regarding door sealing. "I used RP38Si for the bottom seal , RP66 for the threshold and RP47si for the door Jamb/stop." Anyone know if this is still good, or something better is now the go to? Or cheaper for same or similar performance etc? Resilient mounts (or whisper clips?) for decoupling the walls.. Clip/channel, 15mm structural plywood, then the gyproc/plasterboard. How much of a difference does this actually make? Should it be used for the ceiling too? Is it worth it? One last thing, I'm all the way out in Ceduna, so getting any specialised help is kinda hard out here lmao. One last last thing, to anyone that's done this, including the sound isolation techniques, what did it cost and how big was the room? I'm hoping to spend under 10k if possible! While I'm at it I'm thinking of also building a pool room with dart board 9x6 pool table etc in there attatched alongside the cinema room. (Separated with a wall of course) I'd put the equipment rack in here and route the cables from there. Sorry for the rambling/spattered thoughts 😅🤣 Cheers, Demon.
  3. @davewantsmoore With the Adelaide Speakers Monitor, I spoke to Edward when I auditioned some of his speakers, he's happy to change the dimensions so it's not as deep (but would be wider instead) and the transmission line is ported to the side instead of rear etc, same for changing the LCR transmission lines to a side port so I can put them closer to the wall. (And therefore have an acoustically transparent screen closer to the wall) My only problem is that I'm not sure what to use to mount it 🤣
  4. Any recommendations on what ones would more match the Summoner 12"? Regarding Centre, yep going for all floorstanders including centre now. Regarding in ceiling, I think the problem is really that they won't have the same kind of output and I presume capabilities in range like a bookshelf style or the Phonix 45 would because they are smaller drivers, as well as being in such a small enclosure. (Krix Atmospherix A20 is sealed in ceiling which is probably the one I'd go for)
  5. Alrighty, I might very well have to look into this properly. Are any one or 2 of the builds on that thread better than the others? I don't have much time these days for forum trauling to research everything these days (11 hour shifts and all that). I've completely turned around the idea looking into it more lmao. Looks awesome 😁
  6. Ok that actually sounds really interesting! It seems like the Crowson motion things, but much cheaper to make. Got any pictures of your setup? Do you gain anything by going higher power, or more expensive drivers etc? I'm not quite getting the bike tube though, you put them around the drivers, but what does that do exactly? Does it make them float? Is that the "hover" part? Whereabouts are you? I'm in Ceduna, even if you were this way 400km from Perth that's still like 1500km 🤣🤣 EDIT - I looked at that video in the first post on that link you posted earlier, that movement seems way over the top, that looks like a good 10cm movement or something. I feel like that'd be a little too distracting? Edit edit looking at a couple other videos with someone on a chair, seems to be much more reasonable movement and seems pretty cool.
  7. So have you put the seating on top of a box that had the driver's in it? Edit - looking at those drivers, they don't seem like they would be accurate, or go that low. What is the actual purpose? Tactile feedback I suppose, but at the cost of much accuracy? (As far as I understand it these made for car style drivers are made for maximum output and not much else really)
  8. I was saying the crossover doesn't just drop off a cliff at 40hz it probably rolls off to 30hz where it's not noticeably trying to drive at that frequency (or maybe lower I'm not exactly sure, but it rolls off at the setting, it doesn't just drop everything below that) Also because of it trying to play that low as well as much higher frequencies it becomes more likely to have issues playing it accurately was what I was trying to say.
  9. This is normally what the processor does isn't it? Or do you mean like the bass boost mode on the Yamaha receivers? Actually yeah I think that's what you mean after thinking on that? The only problem I can see is that trying to get the speakers to run the full range of what 30hz it's probably rolled off pretty well all the way from 40hz setting? The power requirements will go way up, and obviously distortion and that become a possible issue. Are you talking for all channel music, or for movies? If movies I'm not sure if you can actually do anything to send LFE to all speakers rather than just the fronts for example.
  10. Hmm thanks for this, a lot of good info there for me to digest! The AVM70 seems to be pretty configurable with ARC Genesis, will definitely have to check to see what can be done.
  11. Alright, well theoretically I could even go to 40hz crossover on these Summoner 1293SQTL speakers. (AVM70 crossover can be set between 40-200hz in 10hz steps) My only concern is what that'll do to the signal being sent by the AVM70 to the subs. As I'm pretty certain the C24 will have more output and also be more accurate with lower distortion up to 60-80hz or maybe even higher than that versus the speakers.
  12. The thing is with the MX-10 wall of sound for example, it's 10k, decent specs on the speakers, but subs are not specced well at all imo (fr of 25hz low) would also need to go external amp for the subs too. Then if I go up to higher ones it becomes a budget issue really. Either way going with an acoustically transparent screen, probably 150" 16:9 from OZ Theatres. I'm spending about 9-10k on NINE floorstanders to do LCR and surround duty, then another 4k on ATMOS depending if the monitor Ascension Speakers will work well.. Which I am unsure of for Atmos specifically.. I looked at the Trinnov receiver.. But at that price that's just too much.. Even second hand they go for double the price of the Anthem AVM 70 Processor 😅 I plan to get the room treated... But that's going to be quite costly because I don't know what I'm doing and I'm 8.5 hours from Adelaide towards WA 🤣🤣 So that means paying for whoever does it to stay here too. Any suggestions are very welcome! The room is going to be built in a shed, be about 7m x 5.2m x 2.7(hopefully can build the ceiling that high anyway, otherwise it'll be however high I can go). So if I can do stuff in the actual build process that would save me time/money that'd be good too lol. Regarding centre speaker, it will be the same Summoner 12" Ascension speaker as the other floorstanders. Full range centre should do that perfectly. One extra note - I listen to music on all channels, just the way I have for years now.. Don't lynch me, but I like it that way for whatever reason, I guess because it fully encompasses you? Idk. For Atmos, did you mean you have the Atmospherix? (In ceiling) What other speakers do you have/are using? Are you happy with them? You also said you've used Ascension speakers before, do you know which model? Why'd you get rid of them? EDIT - Just worked out the costs of the whole setup of Ascension Speakers. (Floor and Atmos) That would be 15k with an additional Monitor pair for my setup run off of my PC (with discount for "bulk" purchase). That's why I'm sort of shying away from the wall of sound 😅
  13. Yeah I'll probably crossover at 80hz, but I have heard some people have even done it up to 100 or 120hz and had good results. Might pay to experiment with that maybe? Honestly I don't think I'd listen to movies at those levels (other than when it bursts like movies do sometimes with much louder scenes on the odd occasion) 115db is louder than a live rock concert so yeah lol. Listening to music I'd probably listen at those levels intermittently for 30 seconds up to a couple minutes at a time.
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