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  1. Item: Jungson JA-88D or JA-99D or Mono blocks Price Range: $600 upwards Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Luxury edition JA-88D or JA-99D or mono blocks pre amp set up Hi All, Looking for these items for personal use not retail and will pay immediately if I believe the item/items are worth the asking price. Must be in very good to excellent condition and function properly as this will also determine the sale and sale price. Kind regards, Mark Z
  2. Hey Geoff, Thank you for the feedback I am hoping to find that model in the luxury edition or JA-99D or mono pre amp set up, fingers crossed. Kind regards, Mark Z
  3. Hi Pawntank, Yes saw it thanks but I am after a more upmarket model with the blue screen can't see myself buying anything less, just got to be patient. Kind regards Mark Z
  4. It won't and it wasn't a tube amp it was manipulated to 240V and I don't think they put it back together properly. I have had JA-88 before and it was perfect and loved the sound that is why I am interested in the Jungson brand
  5. Thanks everyone I tried buying from Aliexpress and the distributor on that platform promised me the deluxe version of JA-88D and when it came to sending it they backed out blaming it on the Pandemic so really skeptical now and don't want to buy from China also bought a Jungson from China-hifi and had to send it back as the amp had a constant buzz through my speaker $1000 lost. I believe they now warrant the Jungson in Australia a little bit late but again skeptical so that is why I am asking for the Jungson product locally.
  6. Hi, Looking for a Jungson Amp integrated or separates, is anyone selling this product? The amp must be functional and in very good condition, will pay immediately if I feel it is worth the asking price and it is for my personal use. Kind regards, Mark Z
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