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  1. Depending on how much you wish to fabricate another option which I have used many times for installs is to use ezystrut also known as unistrut. L&H in VIC sell this as do other electrical supply stores. It’s the most versatile system ever. It is very heavy duty (use it a lot in industry settings and for cable management/mounting solutions) but future proof. The channel system also allows you to adjust the screen distance from wall/tv to any amount you would like. Bracket in link below would work with some paint and some coach screws. https://www.ezystrut.com.au/products/cantilever-brackets/cb2-bracket/cb2h/ I have also attached a sample bracket I made for a projector (double stack) so you can see how versatile it can be.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I think you are right might as well give it a go. I was just concerned the profile was not compatible with my unit but from what you said I gather it should work on any JVC. Is that correct?
  3. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on the following. I have a JVC x5900be with eshift 5 that I wish to calibrate. This is my first time calibrating my JVC and I am going to use their auto cal software and a spyder meter. The unit has 460 hours on it and I think it is time I did a calibration. My question is about the colour profiles specifically the custom Manni01 profiles in the calibration thread over on AVS Now I know this projector does not have everything it needs liker the higher end units have eg filter etc to assist in reaching the wider Rec/BT 2020 range. It also has its own colour profiles mainly HDR, Standard and Cinema. I know that HDR is possibly the factorys near as profile to Rec/BT 2020. My question is can I upload the no filter profiles from the AVS thread to the unit into some of the user/custom slots for my own calibration (I wish to leave the factory settings where they are). Are these profiles compatible with my projector and its hardware and the eshift 5 system. If not could someone advise me on what profiles to use.
  4. Interested in this how noticeable is the stuck pixel when watching. Thank you
  5. Thank you. No worries about the pdf addition IT is my background
  6. Hi all, With work and the rest of life I did not get time to play with settings much so some settings jmone would be amazing. I did upgrade the media center to a 1080 I managed to get for a good price as I felt the 1050ti just could not cut it. Can you post your madvr settings.bin file for download as just makes life easier in getting things right. I do believe madvr is the way to go as a decent rig will outperform any standalone player in terms of tone mapping etc. Thanks Zerroasylum
  7. I know this topic has been discussed extensively on AVS and I have read a lot on it but here goes. I have been using a media centre for years so installing and setting up filters etc is nothing new. I am currently using madVR with MPC-BE and a UHD friendly drive and some dvdfab software with a 1050ti 4gb (I may upgrade this in the future) being fed to a JVC x5900BE through a denon AVR-X3300w. Now I have a few madVR questions. Firstly would anyone like to share their settings specifically for this projector series x5900/x7900/x9900 as I am sure they would all be similar? I have put some settings in gathered from various forums and posts but would like someone who knows them better to advise. Does madVR save these in a settings.bin file so maybe this could be shared? I have madVR changing resolution and refresh rates based on inputted source. Is this the right thing to do or should I keep it at 60hz. In terms of tone mapping using pixel shading. When I do this the picture looks good but a hdr signal is not sent to my projector. Is this how the tone mapping is done on the Panasonic ub820/9000 new drives and the oppo and possibly the new native 4k JVC’s or is a hdr signal sent after the tone mapping. I am honest this is my first HDR experience as my other Projector did not support this. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you Zeroasylum
  8. Someone made the suggestion on AVS I believe that the lamp change in the new models was to possibly accomodate a laser lamp in the future. Not sure how that would work.
  9. It will work fine with a standard AUS lead as its any voltage between 100 and 240. American voltage for mains supply is 120V at 60Hzand ours is 230V at 50Hz so all good. Most good manufactures use power supply's that work world wide nowadays.
  10. I have used these in a few installations and they work with no issues and pass full 18gbps signal. http://www.radioparts.com.au/product/30254289/hr04-hdmi2.0-4k2k-repeater-yuv-rgb-444-hdmi-repeater#.W91QoPZxW70
  11. Hi all, I am curious which unit would people recommend for JVC calibration the Spyder5 ELITE or is the PRO good enough. Thank you Zeroasylum
  12. I am curious then do we have an AUS price from JVC or are these just approximate prices. Thank you
  13. Hi Mate, I have a similar setup to what you are doing. I did look at an acoustic transparent screen but for the reasons you highlighted I did not go with it. I am running a 110” tab tensioned screen with all in wall speakers and in ceiling atmos. I have the center below the screen and it sits about 800 off the ground to the center of cones. I have no issues with audio as by the time you are sitting down in a recliner a few meters back and the sound reaches you are near enough to ear height. What in walls will you run? If you like can send you some photos of the construction phases of my cinema room and I have lots of advice on how to build the enclosures if you need it behind the gyprock walls so you get the best sound from the in walls as just securing them to the gyprock/plasterboard will result in not the strongest fixing but also a hollow sound. Zeroasylum
  14. I know it will be. And then I have to wait for a price drop. As the initial outlay is above my budget. I guess a free globe is something. In my head I say 9900 good price from launch and great contrast. Then I say if i upgrade i will be keeping it for a while so go native 4k.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Good to hear. I really like that mount with the micro adjustments and the way it connects together makes mounting the projecter so easy. Still debating weather to wait for the N7 to be released and then drop in price or get a 9900 now. I wish we new the prices we will pay in Aus.
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