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  1. I own a pair of HE6s (6-screw version) and Aryas (original version). I find the HE6 to be technically superior when properly driven to the Aryas in most aspects, especially the dynamics. The Aryas in my opinion have a better soundstage.
  2. This is an amazing sounding amplifier capable of easily driving very demanding cans. GLWS.
  3. I was lucky to snag the Aryas from @akqrate the first time around. Amazing cans. Excellent seller. Buy with confidence.
  4. Item: Cowon Plenue R2 Hi-Res Digital Audio Player (preferred with a case - not a deal breaker though) Price Range: $350 - $450 (based on condition, warranty, etc.) Item Condition: Used/Near new/ Ex-Demo Extra Info: I am based in Teneriffe, QLD. Preferred payment through PayPal / PayPal friend.
  5. Read very good reviews about these LSA cans. @Bengineer is a trusted seller and a great guy. Buy with confidence. GLWS.
  6. These are amazing iems offered for a great price. Rarely come up for sale. GLWS.
  7. This is a great R2R dac. I am very much interested to know your opinion of Ares MK1 in comparison to MK2. GLWS.
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