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  1. I own one of these (different case) and while it was great with the Gold Lions, i popped a couple of WE 420a tubes in it and for the money it is absolutely unbeatable.
  2. Can 100% vouch for the quality of Mark's work - don't be fooled by the low price!
  3. I've got the DAC U SE (which has the dual burr brown chips) as well as the 2.3 SE (TDA1541A) - I think the 2.3SE is better in terms of bass and does feel like there is more weight to the sound but honestly both are great, and I have kept the DAC U for my downstairs system.
  4. I think @MattyW has a good point. I went through some DAC madness (tm) last year - and ended up costing me a lot when I sold them off after being unhappy. While I’m sure there might be more to be gained with a 10k DAC for the first time in ages I have no desire to buy the latest and greatest. So might be worth saving your pennies and springing for an Abbas if you can
  5. Agreed - I tried a Holospring II tuned edition (about 4k worth) and the Abbas completely outclassed it in every aspect.
  6. not yet! My wife has put a moratorium on new audio gear for a while
  7. i've got one of his USB->SPDIF converters but i've only ever used with one of his DACs. I think its pretty good for the money- i think the Mutec is a superior bit of kit but its over twice the price.
  8. Fabulous little passive pre - punches waaay above its size and price point. This is the model from September 2020 - 2020BT+ has three inputs, and comes with remote and powerpack. I believe it can be upgraded to the latest tweaks by getting in touch with the Mr Stereo Coffee himself. Price includes shipping Oz wide and is firm.
  9. * Musical Fidelity A3.2cr dual mono Power amplifier I have read on the net that Sam Tellig rated it Class A in Stereophile, becoming the least expensive amplifier ever to earn that distinction. -Simon Pope, Hi-Fi World reckoned that ‘Hailed as “among the best in the world”, Musical Fidelity are set to shock the market with their new A3cr per and power amps. *** The MF amps sought something more in the music than mere notes. This was due to the exquisite detail present. There was a depth to the sound as the bow dug into the string that was frighteningly realistic….’ -Andrew Everard, Grammaph
  10. Ian, for those of us with no electrical knowledge - what does this mean? Bad ? Good ? Explosive?
  11. Would like to move this with some gear incoming - so will do free shipping within Oz at the asking price.
  12. Well my 💯 genuine accuphase cable arrived from Ali express yesterday and putting into the amp on my second system (Vincent hybrid) really did make a noticeable difference, more weight and heft to the sound through bass and mids. For $40 or so I think it’s a pretty damn good deal when you pay $12 or so for a plain jug cord sometimes. I intend to chuck it in the dryer soon - that will excite the electrons more and that should really get the music flowing! edit: ordered 2 more now
  13. Anthony Michelson of Musical Fidelity says: "Essentially, the unit is an impedance-matching device…It has a very high input impedance, of about half a meg [500k ohms], and quite a low output impedance—we rate it at 200 ohms or less, but in fact it's about 15 or 20 ohms. What this does is allow a CD player to operate perfectly. You can take almost any old CD player, bang an X-10D on the end of it, and you can't believe the results you get." I played around with various 6922 in this myself and its a great little bit of gear - comes with JAN Phillips 6922 but responded well to tube rolli
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