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  1. Hi, can someone please explain what the problem is when macbooks do not output the right bit rate to your Dac? How does this affect quality and what to listen for? Also has someone gone from macbook to ipad to you DAC and how much of a difference it makes? My Dac is a topping 50s. thanks in advance.
  2. I dont like the sound but it could be a number of issues. Will have a play around with them when I get a chance. I still don't see how this is normal considering the frequencies that are being delivered to the drivers.
  3. Hi Wen thanks for the reply. I have the Bronze 6 in another room and this is not the case on those and they have the same speaker config. Whilst I cannot find alot of info on the B6 I do not believe they are passive. I am not liking the sound from these and they are my 3rd pair of MA speakers as I have just replaced a set of B2’s in the same room and I prefer those.
  4. Hi peoples, I have just acquired a set of MA Bronze B6 speakers in mint condition however I think I have an issue. Its a 2.5 way speaker system and the mid woofer moves alot more than the two bottom ones. This does not seem right as the bass drivers should be playing just as much bass as the mid or more. They are being played from a Kenwood Ka5500. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. To be fair I still have the bedroom, man room and the garage to go. What if I need to listen to music in there? ? Also a set of speaker cables would be nice.
  6. Picked up a set of MA Bronze B2 in mint condition for a second room 2 channel setup. Paired up with a 70’s amp they are delightful. I am scared to drag my Bronze 6 into this setup as they wont go back I am sure.
  7. Well that is my 2nd two channel amp plus my decent AV amp, I am sure I don't need more. Maybe a set of vintage bookshelves but thats it. And a better Dac but thats it. For sure Most probably. ?
  8. Wow it is ferocious in here. I got a Kenwood Ka-5500 in pretty good nick and had some work done to it. Shiny silvery knobs and meters!
  9. I have found one - dont know how to make this as found ?
  10. Well maybe the PM400 etc not the 1070 and 1090 series? And of course it was the internets not a person in particular.
  11. Wow ok black on silver is now on my radar! Surely you don't need all of them!
  12. I was totally off the Marantz as I heard that the lower models were not great around this vintage? I am eyeing off a kenwood at that price point anyway.
  13. Item: 1970’s Integrated silver Price Range: up to $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: So I am after my first vintage amp and yes it must be the shiny silvery things with all the knobs, meters optional ?! I am in Perth so I would prefer local but let me know if you are elsewhere. I will already know about the SNA classifieds, ebay, gumtree but maybe someone just could not be bothered listing or this might temp someone to part with one. I know its very cliche however I can worry about function over form another time. And hey is there really a bad sounding 70’s amp right?
  14. Hi Gp, well I sort of have to thank you but also not thank you. So while I got rid of the amp in question, I pulled the rotel out of my two channel main setup whilst I search for another amp and whilst it was better I was still not happy. After pulling the amp I now had some proper speaker cable and the sound got a-lot fuller and sounded different when I changed them from the pieces of string I was using. So for that I thank you but what I don't thank you for is taking me down another rabbit hole ?. Guess I am now looking for cables as well as these ones were short.
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