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  1. Hi there, I am interested in all three cables, but I might be a bit short on the reach. Are all three 1m? If so, are they 1m including or excluding the plugs. I see in older ads you had some at 1.5m. Cheers, Justin
  2. No, both of these are the sample rates shown in the phone’s Apple Music app. The DAC doesn’t have a display, so someone with a DAC with a display would have to check that. Having the music go via the phone is running down the battery much faster than using Tidal connect!
  3. I selected lossless up to 24 bit/48kHz on my iPhone. It is playing over AirPlay2 to a Node 2i then out to a Gieseler Kompakt. It is playing Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune at 24 bit/44.1kHz. Also Nils Frahm Empty at 24 bit/48kHz. Sounding good to me!
  4. Hi Ian, I will send you a message, please check that. You can access it from the top right, three horizontal lines, then the mail icon. I also suggest you edit out your details from your response above. Cheers, Justin
  5. Hi Ian, It would be $220 in total. I could send it tomorrow or whenever suits you. I’ll send you a PM in case you don’t see this here. Cheers, Justin
  6. Further information: Works perfectly and sounds great. Comes with original box. I can post if necessary but would prefer a local pickup. I can deliver within a reasonable drive of Richmond Victoria. I bought it on SNA last November. The powder coated steel case (I think it’s an earlier version) doesn’t match my other Schiit box, so I replaced it with a brushed aluminium Mani shamelessly to make them match. Below is the original ad. .
  7. Hi Craig, I cannot send you a pm. I would like this please if it is still available and you are happy to post. Cheers, Justin
  8. Hi Andrew, We bought the acrylic version, which came with the steel platter in the box. I just swapped in the steel to listen for a difference and couldn’t tell any differences playing Billie Eilish. That said, I don’t really know what to listen for. The steel one feels about 500g heavier. Cheers, Justin
  9. Item: Steel platter off Project Debut Evo (with TPE damping) Price: Free. Didn't sell on classifieds and I'm hoping to prevent it going into the bin. Item Condition: New Shipping Options: Pickup available Suburb or Town: Richmond State: VIC Further information: This is the steel platter that comes with the new Debut Carbon Evo. It has the TPE damping that is meant to be an improvement on the original. It is 1.7kg. You can have the felt mat too if you want it.
  10. Further information: This is the steel platter that comes with the new Debut Carbon Evo. It has the TPE damping that is meant to be an improvement on the original. It is 1.7kg. You can have the felt mat too if you want it. Photos:
  11. Further information: Matched pair in original boxes that had good test results (so I am told, a couple of years ago now. Written on the inside of the boxes). I was using these in the preamp stage of a Copland amplifier that I have now sold. I can post if required but will prefer pickup Photos:
  12. Further information: Selling my Copland integrated amp that I have enjoyed for the last two years. This model has been well liked here on SNA. Valves/tubes in the preamp stage are Edicron 6922. I can also provide a pair of Siemens for an additional fee that have worked well in this amp previously. The MOSFET power amp stage sounds great and the built quality is excellent with a really satisfying “thunk” to the selectors and smoothness in the volume dial that I still miss in my new amp. It is in great condition. There are a couple of hairline scratches on the very back of the top case and a small mark on the top right of the faceplate but it has been very well looked after. I would rather not post it, but can deliver within a 40 min drive of Richmond Victoria. The specs are: Tubes - ECC88/6922/6DJ8 x 2 Inputs - RIAA, Tuner, Cd, Aux1, Aux2, Tape In Outputs -Tape Out Output Power - 60 watts into 8 ohms Frequency Response - 5Hz-120kHz, -3dB Power Bandwidth - 5Hz-30kHz, -3dB Input Sensitivity - Line-level 130mV; Phono 3mV Input Impedance - Line-level 33k ohms; Phono 47k ohms Dimensions(w x d x h) - 43 x 44 x 11cm Weight - 13kg Photos:
  13. I want to work in your office! Does it distract from your work to flip the record?
  14. I am happy to throw in an extra tube if the tube life is a concern for a potential buyer.
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