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  1. I also recommend contacting Clay Gieseler who is on these forums. I use one of his power supplies for my SOTA turntable and would consider getting one for my Oracle should I need a replacement.
  2. Great work. Big fan of the Acoustical Systems cartridges!
  3. A bit of time with the Fidelity Research FR-7 on its sibling FR-64fx tonearm. Wonderful combination.
  4. Yes, it’s an SME 3009 mk ii with the split counterweight and removable headshell. Worth a bit in good nick.
  5. If it still sounds good, just dial back the anti-skate to 50% of current level and the cantilever may self correct. If you start to notice some sound degradation, then either retip or replace.
  6. Don’t think you’d regret it. I had a PL-50LII at the same time and the PS-8750 was the pick and that’s saying something as the Pioneer is an excellent deck!
  7. Super turntable which I rate very highly. Pretty hard to find as well.
  8. Wim, audiofeline’s description was a direct quote from the link you posted so reckon that is the one.👍
  9. The Brinkmann Edison Mk II would have to be included in your list. Ticks the boxes you’ve mentioned, including remote, and also provides the ability to run balanced. If you like your sound to have body and gravitas without losing the detail and layers within the music, the Edison is probably the best I’ve heard. Expensive yes, but you did say “high end”. https://www.brinkmann-audio.de/main.php?prod=edison&lang=en
  10. Sorry to hear about your Ittok! Could be worth checking what a repair might set you back - may be a fairly cheap fix and Ittoks still command a few $$ out there where the Linnies still roam free! No experience with the Moerch but maybe @Krispy Audio could comment on suitability.
  11. @Luc 6 months ago I thought about it! Great turntable!
  12. Thanks mate. I have a copy on order. Also have plenty of other great versions but too great an album to not get one more!
  13. Astounding album! Asher Gamedze - Dialectic Soul. Sonically superb as well.
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