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  1. Hey Wags, yeah very happy. I got mine for 2990 on ebay, 20% off included. Im sorry i thought i replied to ur messge earlier.
  2. Hi guys!!! Thank you so much for the input. I have decided to go OLED instead as i can't stand the loss of contrast and some blooming in general for LCD when viewed from an angle. I bought Pana 65FZ950 2 weeks ago, and couldn't be happier. I think I know what i wanted from my TV viewing coming from Pana Plasma, I cant compromise contrast and cant stand blooming. by the way, 75fx780 was so tempting for 2990 + 20% off in ebay. I got my OLEd with 20% off as well. Again, Thank you so much for your help.
  3. Thank you for that Gill. I had a look at it in harvey norman today, but they wont go down lower than 3.5k. So im happy to wait til feb. Hopefully it will be a lot cheaper then. So r u going to use tweakys setting?
  4. Congratulations on ur purchase gill. Please let us know what u think. Im more curious about how bad is haloing in med to max dimming. N how good is the contrast. Tnx
  5. Yeah i noticed that today too. There should be another sale coming this monday, or sometime towards xmas. Im patiently waiting.
  6. Are you looking into this? it's 20% off, although shipping is a bit dearer than usual, try eBay Plus if you can avail free shipping. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Panasonic-75-TH75FX780A-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-TV/222965164855?epid=7018861565&hash=item33e9c26b37:g:vxwAAOSwOYRbvT7k:rk:2:pf:0
  7. Thank you Gill. I had been trying to get the boss to like the idea of projector, but so far no. Shes more of lools first before funtcion. Haha
  8. Mate if its not too much to ask, couod you please show me some pics of the location of the projector? Just want to get an idea how everything looks. My wife didnt want projector hanging on the ceiling in the living room, but if i could sell well to the senate then i might have to get projector instead n stick with plasma for tv viewing. I want to get 75" solely for movies. Tnx
  9. I wish we had dedicated cinema room so i could get a projector, eyeing on that proper 4k jvc.
  10. I bought the sony x9400e ladt feb, but returned ut after a while. Cant stand the blooming and banding. Hoping that fx780 dnt have blooming or very minimal, ast its common in lcd. I realized im a bit fuzzy coming from vt30 plasma, but oled is too pricey for above 70".
  11. Im not sure if any store still selling the ex75. I also noticed as well that ex model reviews were done late last year or early this year. So ill wait for those reviews, and good timing too as tvs are usually getting heavu discounts by early next year. I wasnt sure of getting 75lcd or 65oled at first, but now im certain i want the 75, for me its just better with movies having the extra few inches as long as its as good or better than the ex.
  12. 20% off the good guys if purchased through their ebay store. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Panasonic-TH-65FZ950U-65-165cm-OLED-UHD-Smart-TV/113176598966?epid=20023958560&hash=item1a59d9d9b6:g:lHoAAOSwWFRbe1Y4:rk:3:pf:0
  13. Sorry @howze didnt quite get your message. I dont have the x9400e in possession now btw.
  14. Sony x9400e has low med and high adjustments. Blooming starts at low, specially if you look at it off axis. I watched footy last night on my pana vt30, the pictyre was soo good that 9400 looked like like a very cheap tv(which wasnt btw hence i returned it coz i dont believe its worth the money). Im confused now wether to get 65fz950 or the fx. Thats why im asking u the overall pic quality. I had the vt30 prpfessionally calibrated, but the sony i did it myself using xrite display pro +hcfr. I manage to get a really good result with 4k, but the blooming really annoys me. Based on theory, ol
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