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  1. Just to clarify: I have levelled the small drawers with a standard spirit level and chocked up areas that needed correcting with cardboard. The spirit level was showing perfect level at each four sides and centre. With the turntable back on the drawers, I needed slight correction with the feet adjustment to show levelling on all four sides of the bare platter (no slipmat, no record weight), and then a final level check with the spirit level sitting on top of the record weight over the centre spindle. So again, with the turntable powered off and the spirit level sitting
  2. Hi guys, I recently moved into a new property and recently completed re-building my system. The turntable was the last major component to check and re-calibrate if required. The room I have the system in is a spare bedroom, carpet flooring, and the turntable itself is sitting on-top of a small set of drawers which is the perfect size to accomodate the turntable is the vertical orientation, and it is also located directly next to my main desk with the rest of the system components. So onto the actual levelling issue I'm dealing with. The set of drawers is as level as I
  3. I have moved my record collection between two properties in the last 3 years, my go to solution are the reusable shopping tote bags like the green Coles bags. They're cheap and usually sold in bulk, and they are surprisingly sturdy. I've had issues with cardboard boxes in the past, never again.
  4. Currently have a Nagaoka MP-200 mounted on a Jelco TK-850S. Sounds fantastic, worth the extra money to get the boron cantilever. This is my first high end cartridge so I have nothing else to compare it to other than my old Shure M-477. Ordered from LP Gear a few years ago.
  5. Yes it was cleaned manually, and then swept a few times with a carbon brush. Do you think static might be the cause of the fluctuation?
  6. It's possible there may be an issue with the actual cut, I'm really not sure. It's brand new. I know there was a similar test record that was cut with it's centre spindle a few mm's too large making it actually useless for testing purposes.
  7. Thanks for your detailed reply. My system is designed in a way that my phono stage is permanently patched directly into my AD/DA interface, and I have just recorded tracks 1-3 from the Test LP into my DAW to measure the output level of these test tones. These are the results based on the metering (persistence range & normal peak range): Track 1: 1KHz reference tone - lateral in phase (mono) Channel balance equal Metering on average at -23 dBFS Track 2: 1KHz reference level, left channel only Metering on average at -23 dBFS, dips down t
  8. Thanks for your reply. I used the 9V battery that was included with the unit in the initial calibration and azimuth adjustment. It wasn't until I read the comments on Michael Fremer's article that you linked regarding the 9V battery, and fortunately my mulitmeter displayed a reading of around 7V. A fresh 9V battery, reading 9V has been installed and I have re-calibrated since. The reason I calibrated the unit is because, well I could. The Michael Fremer article you linked essentially summarises the importance of calibrating the unit. In fact I read this article while I was waiting
  9. Hi guys, I recently picked up a Musical Surrounding Fozgometer for Azimuth correction. Calibration of the unit was done by generating the same test tones as the Musical Surrounding website inside my DAW, and then physically patching out from my AD/DA audio interface via a stereo TRS-RCA cable. Calibration was performed visually and there were no real issues with this phase. When testing the feed from the tonearm cable, and along with the 'Analogue Production Ultimate Analogue Test LP', I am noticing an increase & decrease in either amplitude or signal metering on the fozgomete
  10. I used my Feickert protractor earlier today. It is an essential tool to have for cartridge alignment, but I generally only use it for overhang. I use another tool for azimuth adjustment. The Analog Magik software would be a good investment for peace of mind in my opinion.
  11. Further information: High quality, low capacitance interconnect cable. Dual mono RCA-RCA, 0.6 meters. https://www.hifisystemcomponents.com/interconnects-cables/cusat50-interconnect.html Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  12. 200mm max. I may have this sorted now, but is this something you have or can make?
  13. Item: Earth/ground cable - phono ground cable Price Range: $0-$50 Item Condition: New Extra Info: Trying to source a pre-made phono ground cable with either lug/spade connectors at each end. Troubleshooting a grounding issue with a new tonearm. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  14. Lossless has its place, for example I was completely against Spotify when it gained popularity because it was capped at 320 mbps even for premium accounts but I use it for the convenience which is the strongest argument for streaming services. Tidal would be the dream but it is super expensive. You would think that when 5G is readily available, lossless streaming should be the norm. I looked into Roon recently, it seem's like it benefits from hardware alongside a wireless control. Seem's popular though.
  15. So just a quick update on this if anyone is interested. I purchased and received a two-channel RCA isolation transformer (Jensen Transformers ISO-MAX CI-2RR) earlier today. After patching it into the system at the input stage (tonearm cable) there was sadly NO DIFFERENCE!! No change to the noise at all. In theory this should have worked, and I again tested with a single channel D.I. (isolation transformer) which did clean up the noise. I have reached out to the manufacturer of the recently acquired two-channel RCA isolation transformer for their input on this. I think
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