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  1. Received order thank you, will send Monday and provide tracking No.
  2. Should be OK now. If order in by 2pm Qld time be sent today
  3. Further information: Ruipro HDMI UHS Cables suit 4k & 2.1 (8k) a brand known and respected on forums throughout the world and established in OZ for past 5 years, now on special with 10% discount on cables shown below using checkout coupon RUIPRO10 plus free Express post - extended to 30.6.2021
  4. Sale of Ruipro HDMI Fibre cables to suit both 4k & 8K versions extended to 31.5.2021
  5. I'd guess 90% of HDMI Cables are made in China. Pleased your happy with your purchase.
  6. even more so at my ripe old age of ....
  7. Big sale on until 31.5.2021 with 10% off all Ruipro Fibre Optic cables 4k/8k and free post using discount coupon RUIPRO10 at checkout.. see EZYHD site here
  8. This is a fantastic 1x2 HDMI splitter just arrived, new model to OZ 2021– suit iQ4, Apple TV 4, Blu Ray 4k. Can automatically downscale Foxtel IQ4 – UHD 4k input to 1080p HD TV, split to HDMI TV’s in either 4k and 1080p or 4k/4k. HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0b standard, supports 4K 60HZ , Dolby Vision when available . Can provide a host of video formats like HDR, HLG and 4K Dolby Vision etc. when available. Does 4k up to 5m and 1080p to 15m. Model 1x2 quoted price, but others available HERE. Specifications – HSP0102A2U
  9. Big sale on until 30.4.2021 with 10% off all Ruipro 4k/8k and free post using discount coupon RUIPRO10 at checkout.. see EZYHD site here
  10. See current offer 10% offer on site for HDMI "Fibre Optic" cables 10m+ and free post here..
  11. Oh gee what a disappointment this is with Logitech ceasing manufacture of Harmony Universal Remotes yet will still offer service for some time to come. See here.
  12. These are brilliant HDMI 2K/4K devices for installers, purists and those who require a HDMI or HDCP fix or to split video/audio – HDFury is the answer!. 4k Arcana 18gbps – Free Express Post! Welcome to Arcana, No eARC TV – no problem anymore and no lip sync issues for eARC TV owners, WORLD’S FIRST eARC adapter that allows FULL AUDIO up to Dolby Atmos over TrueHD from ANY external HDMI source to ANY eARC sound system. a perfect solution for SONOS Arc/BOSE 500/BOSE 700 and ANY eARC/ARC AVR, soundbar or headphones. See full range HERE.
  13. Note the 8k version is Gen3 which according to factory overcomes the chip problem in some receivers. https://tinyurl.com/paxhzhwb
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