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  1. As my cables are strictly for my own personal use, I am not terribly worried about the legality of using them. They will accept my large 12 gauge stranded wires, and fit snugly into my Isotek Evo3 Sigma power filter. I do not claim to have a lot of experience, I just got frustrated trying to use the terrible plugs from Clipsal, which are cheap junk and hard to use. Also, I am not impressed with Aussie standards for electrical cords and wires at all. When I re-terminated and shortened the lead from a Tortech AC power filter, I realized that my power hungry Amp, was relying on th
  2. I just ordered these Au plugs from Hong Kong, and they were about $20 each including shipping. They are essentially knock off Oyaide plugs, but they are great and will take up to 12g stranded wire as inserts. Make sure that you solder your strands, so that you will have less difficulty inserting the ends into the plug, and then just use the set screws to attach. Here is the ebay link to the plug shop. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292002662401?ul_noapp=true best, David
  3. Hi, here is a link to some high quality AU plugs, from Hong Kong. I have ordered 6 of them and am waiting for them to arrive. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292002662401 Also, regarding the Gold vs Rhodium plating, there are a couple of metallurgical facts that have not been covered yet. First, Gold plated copper has an unfortunate side effect, particularly on power cords. Gold and Copper, under heat or electricity, start to amalgamate into one another. I first noticed that my Nordost SPM golg plated copper foil, started to tarnish, which seemed odd. so, as I cleaned off
  4. Hi Eman, yes, everyone drives around heavily armed in New Mexico. They filmed Breaking Bad in front of my office. My office manager wore her .45 automatic around the office, as I was a criminal solicitor. Much safer in Canberra, nothing happens here, good or bad. I did have to sell my gun before moving here, apparently having an un registered automatic handgun is frowned upon here. (lol) If you would like a good view of what life was like there, here is a link to my book on Amazon, that is a comedy/memoir--https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07JY657S1/ On a stereo note
  5. HI Everyone, Canberra is our permanent home, leaving New Mexico was one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks for making me feel at home. Yes, audio gear is ridiculously over-priced, but I will trade expensive gear for rampant gunfire any day. If you want to experience what it was like to live there, you can check out my comedy/Memoir, "Expensive Janitor" on Amazon as an Ebook or a paperback. You will laugh yourself silly.
  6. Hi Everyone, my name is David Pauly, I have relocated to Oz from the States. I practiced law in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they filmed "Breaking Bad" in front of my office. I have an overly powerful stereo system, that was custom built for me. The power supply for the Amplifier has a 1KVA Transformer per channel, with 440,000 uf of Capacitance. Yes, it is ridiculous. I have a Nordost Valhalla Loom, except for my one set of RCA interconnects, which are Nordost Odin. I am not touting, I am just giving you a reference point for the system in which I have invested so much time and money.
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