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  1. Hi, curious if you kept the 252? and what are your impressions...what are you driving it with. Thinking of the same or similar Thanks Mark
  2. What would the packaged dimensions & weight be? all online just gives product
  3. The consummate gentleman drummer! RIP Charlie
  4. Cheers! yes I now see my intro requirements should have been elsewhere in the forums (der!)
  5. Thanks....already I can see how this becomes addictive!!
  6. As a newbie to the Audiophile world & currently searching for a CD player/transport (among other things) what would you recommend i.e. player or transport & slot/tray/top loaders? I am looking at a budget of between $1K to $2K depending on if it includes a decent DAC or Pre-amp (or both)
  7. Is that a chip above the volume/selector dial or a mark/dust that can be removed?
  8. Them were the days...Christmas & birthdays easily sorted, the hardest thing was finding out what type of music to buy for your present
  9. New to HiFi world, been looking a lot over last few years after initially purchasing a Pioneer NC50-DAB & ELAC Debut B5.2 bookshelves. So now I'm hooked and need to start the "separates" journey. Recently purchased Wharfedale EVO 4.2 so now need to find suitable integrated, CD player, Turntable, Streamer etc. My likes in music are mostly Jazz, Blues, Reggae (+fusion) actually most genres except heavy metal but with a large liking for acoustic guitar, sax, trumpet & male/female vocals. So I guess my separates need to be chosen for detailed musicality rather than brute power. I have a budget in the vicinity of $5K for the above items & my listening room is 5.6X4.1 metres & 2.7 ceiling. So if anyone has any recommendations here they would be greatly appreciated
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