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  1. Ahhhh....I remember we used to have record fairs in Melbourne,seems such a long time ago.Have a great day tomorrow!
  2. I have a 2 bay Synology that's about 5 years old,hasn't skipped a beat.It's been on 24/7 all that time,but what I'm most impressed with is the support from Synology. I still get emails and notifications regarding OS updates after all this time. Synology don't seem to have the same degree of so-called "planned obsolescence" that many manufacturers have adopted,and for me this speaks volumes. One very happy customer!!
  3. Hi Kev, I've had similar problems in the past,though not with a NAD C658. If I recall I changed my router DNS to Cloudfare,which is,or you could try Google DNS which I think is . I'm using the Cloudfare DNS and haven't had a problem for 6-8 months. Worth a try,Roon and Tidal is a brilliant way to enjoy digital music.Cheers
  4. Best add I've ever read on SNA !!!! Beautifully put together advertisement,I nearly bought these and I don't even need any speakers. GLWTS
  5. Fascinating,though I can't offer any knowledge of Dr Stephen.Maybe Trove would be useful (apologies if you've already tried this!).
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