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  1. I know little about this brand, but it seems very high quality. GLWTS The brand name reminds me of a certain celebrity dictator of an African republic of Wadiya 😜
  2. When the Kirk suggests, one should buy. Any other action is blasphemy πŸ˜… He has never yet failed to deliver on a suggestion yet!
  3. Best part Pops.. even NOS store occasionally sell them for as little as $30 a piece! Price and quality of a tube are not always correlated. ✊
  4. Rolled countless brands of 5814 tubes through my pre amp. However, with special thanks to @xlr8or for suggesting- Possibly the finest 5814 ever created. My humble words cannot describe how, compared with other good 5814 tubes (RCA, GE, Raytheon etc that I own), the 1950s CBS Hytron 5814/5814WA has no rival. In my will, I plan to mummified and placed in my own dedicated King Tut's chamber with my HiFi and small supply of CBS-Hytron 5814 tubes to take into the afterlife 😁
  5. Item: Innuos Statement Price Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Price negotiable depending on age and condition.
  6. Again, you hit the nail head. I couldn't have said it better myself. That is exactly how I started too. Spent hundreds, trial and error. Found heaps of amazing tubes. Then, it all changed when I seeked help from Kirk @xlr8or!! Kirk, put me on the right path immediately. No more trial and error. Every single one of his suggestions (very specific I might say, from decades of his personal experience), absolute nailed it! Kirk is an absolute legend!! I can't thank him enough.
  7. I know just your guy. The tube guru right here on SNA.. @xlr8or I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head- 'I tried a few different NOS tubes: Mullard, Tungsram and Brimar. All of them are better than the stock standard PL tubes by a wide margin.' Believe it or not, this is the far more important question (regarding which NOS tubes you run) than whether you own a PL Prologue Premium or PL Evo300/400? I currently own the PL Evo 400 pre amp, and have heard older Primalunas. Newer PL, slightly more resolving on the same tubes. Great to see you are pretty far advance and have tried NOS rectifier tubes! Makes a big improvement too. Warmer, fatter sound, glorious bass! Check out my beautiful GZ32 Phillip Miniwatts! Conclusion: Tubes, tubes, tubes! I've heard tubes transform a lifeless HiFi system, in my system and others! BTW - Mullard GZ34 rectifier tubes πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. First pictures of the all new Primaluna reference 'Hybrid' tube amps.. 😍 Once apon a time, there were 'tube' people and there were 'solid state' amp people. Maybe a growing trend now.. have it both. Leverage the strengths from each. The 'Hybrid' people. 😊
  9. The big reveal.... The all new soon to be released flagship Primaluna amp 😍😍😍 Primaluna HYBRID tube amps.. The first will be a Evo 300 HYBRID integrated amp (100W per channel). More to follow.
  10. πŸ‘Yes, you are correct. A few fixed miniture tiny ones, soldered onto the board directly and not designed for easy rolling (Pictured above). I still prefer the fuller warmer organic sound of the larger full sized 12AU7 or 12AT7 type of tubes in components. Thousands of varieties to pick from, and usually placed on plug in sockets, making tube rolling a breeze.
  11. Wild. Never knew Musical Fidelity made a tube DAC. I own a MF A3-24 DAC (10kg) and MF Tri-Vista DAC (13Kg) in a second system. Both still sound way better than modern DACs costing suprising plenty, that sport large resolution specs, but weigh barely more than a few hundred grams! Goes to show, manufactures of modern DACs can't get away with flimsy cheap chip only circuit boards in cheap Chinese made plastic boxes. A good DAC still requires a good power supply, quality component, and good design, just like the rest of the HiFi components! I like the fact it uses tubes. Sound can be tailed to one's system and taste. My Primary DAC is a Aqua La Scala DAC, and it also uses a pair of 12AT7 tubes. Rolled a couple of NOS tubes, just wonderful sounding. Below a pic I pulled from the web of the MF Tubalog (think they have a pair of ECC88 tubes).
  12. Philip Vafiadis, no longer owns VAF speakers and has moved on.
  13. The very best 12AU7 tubes ever made on the face of the earth are the 5814, 5814A, 5814WA variety. I wouldn't put any other tube in those six 12AU7 sockets of my Primaluna Evo 400 pre amp. @xlr8or will elaborate more ☺️
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