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  1. Hello there Hiep, and welcome to the forum! Good to have you here
  2. Hmm.......that's a bummer - the ad was still showing as not sold when I was browsing a couple of hours ago. There is a brand new V2 currently listed if you're looking for the newer version. It does not have USB input on it though - V1 does have it.
  3. Hello, and welcome to the forum. What amplifier do you have? If you're open to buying used, lots of good deals to be found in the classifieds section of the forum.
  4. The Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black are good pairings with the Rega. Alternatively, have a look at carts from Nagoka or Audio Technica
  5. If you're looking at the NAD, here's a v1 in the classifieds if you want to save some money. The same bloke has a pair of John blue JB3 speakers on sale if you're interested. Maybe work out a package deal. I have no affiliation to the seller - just felt like a good deal. You might also want to check out speakers from Adelaide audio. The owner (Edward) makes a range of speakers that are suitable for valve amplifiers - so high efficiency ones. Might be worth having a chat https://www.adelaidespeakers.com/
  6. Good that it's sold - was very tempting at this price with the stands thrown in (not that I need more speakers!😁)
  7. I have one of these - great entry level DAP with a fantastic battery life. GLWTS!
  8. Hello there, and welcome to the forum. You've got some great hi-fi equipment. Enjoy!
  9. Cool colour. What are those speakers and electronics?
  10. The fact that these are fully inspected and backed by a 3 month warranty provides a lot of comfort to those buying used items. Highly recommended, and a good reason to deal with Tivoli Hi-Fi!
  11. That was super fast - not surprising given the great price! Congratulations to the buyer and seller
  12. Yeah, agree with going SSD if you can, especially with the Samsung - though the OP is looking for sizes in the 6-8 TB range, and SSDs in that range are three times the cost of HDDs. Street price for a 8TB Samsung SSD is around $950 which is a lot of money
  13. One advantage of having a NAS is that they are designed to be left on 24x7, you can configure the Hard drives (if there are more than one) for different levels of redundancies (RAID) and they also come with easy media sharing and backup software. To be honest, you can also configure a desktop or laptop to behave the same way with 3rd party softwares (for RAID, media sharing etc.). NAS's are easier to setup and configure, while doing it on a desktop/laptop takes a bit of tinkering around with different software. If you're going for larger capacity drives of 6-8 TB, woul
  14. If you go down the NAS path, WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf are the usual suspects for storage. Both priced within a few dollars of each other. Synology or Qnap are the most preferred NAS devices - can't go wrong with either. For your needs, a simple 2 bay NAS will probably work
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