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  1. Item: Falcon ls3/5a walnut Location: bedok Price: 2800 Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: clearing speakers Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: please message 9zero 26 6one76 Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  2. Everytime I tried some other more expensive speakers, I always come back to ATC thinking, man.. this is the best speakers I've ever owned. The ATC scm 11 I've got is perhaps the most neutral speakers I've tried. Proac is another that is really neutral though the Proac SM100 that I've owned previously is a tad on the more exciting side of neutral while ATC is more towards the warmer side of neutral. And I have to say the ATC P1 amp that I have, is also the most neutral I've ever owned. The best amp to go with ATC speakers is sadly not the ATC amp. The Hegel h160 I've tried is the best. If you owned ATC speakers, go hegel. It is a better match than ATC's own amp. The P1 is so versatile though. I can use it with my Falcon and it sounds good. For people used to Hifi speakers, ATC is mostly known for being a little bright or harsh. For pro audio people, ATC is mostly considered a little warm.
  3. Looking for h190. Contact 9026 6l76
  4. ATC P1 amplifier East $2800 left around 1 year local warranty bought the demo set from local dealer. the demo set according to them is only around 2 years old. Great amp for low sensitivity speakers. Selling to change to ATC integrated amp instead. Original retail price around $4k. selling for only $2800. 9026 6l76 Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  5. Item: Rogers ls3/5a 65th anniversary + AB1 bass Location: EAST Price: 2800 Item Condition: 7/10 Reason for selling: too many speakers This 65th anniversary with ab1 is finished with rosewood at the back as well, unlike most that have just black backboard. 3 scratches on 65th, all not visible from far. Visible only on closer inspection. One of the scratches shown in pic. Will throw in silver interconnects that connect ab1 to ls3/5a for free (worth $200+) 9O26 6l76
  6. Item: Rogers ls3/5a 65th anniversary + Rogers ab1 65th anniversary Location: east Price: 2800 (original price $5500) Item Condition: 7/10 for ls3/5a (3 scratches) 9/10 ab1 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here): Selling only as a set. Some scratches on the ls3/5a. Throwing in custom silver jumper cables ($200+) to make up for scratches. The jumper cables connect ab1 to ls3/5a One of the bigger scratch shown in attached pic. In rosewood. 9026 6176
  7. Just as a devil's advocate. Are you all more interested in the gears or getting good sound? I know I'm more interested in gears than good sound that's why I keep changing gears for fun on my desktop setup. I ask because there is no way the drivers will integrate in super near field condition for larger speakers. The buchardt a500 definitely needs at least 2 meters for the sound to integrate, and the B&W 805 needs at least 1.5m I assume. So at a listening distance of less than 90cm, most 6.5inch speakers will not integrate with the tweeter. So when you say a more expensive and bigger speakers sound better in super near field, I'm not sure if you are really right. 5inch speakers still the way to go below 1m, unless you have concentric speakers like kef
  8. Powerful 3010s2 stereo amp in black 110w to 8ohm the stereo amp famously won in a shootout with naim xs2 and rega elicit. http://studio-hifi.com/images/exposure3010s2_Hi-FiNews2014-06UK.pdf $1,100. 9026 6I76
  9. Bought locally Dec 19. Still under warranty $2400 9026 6one76
  10. Selling hegel rost (black) bought from AVone last year december. Selling for $2400. 9026 6one76
  11. Been interested in this especially after hearing good things on other forums. some claim that falcon ls3/5a, harbeth p3esr, rogers ls3/5a are all sideway moves and depends on what you like. the stirling ls3/5a v3 on the other hand, seems to be a small step up from the rest of the pack. Anyone know if any shop bringing in stirling ls3/5a v3?
  12. 8months old schiit Vidar black Bought direct from schiit $1000 9026 6l76
  13. Proac latest sm100 About 3 years old. No box. Retail $3900 Selling it for $2600 9026 6 one 76
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