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  1. Opening for me on iPhone. They look great. At least now I barely work I can just be happy for the enjoyment these will bring to someone, just not me! GLWTS.
  2. “the Occasional Podcast” had an episode posted 6/4/21, “Subwoofers & 2 channel audio: everything you ever wanted to know “, a deep dive with SVS Director of Technology Ed Mullen. It wasn’t actually too technical but did have some interesting points (for me anyway). He did cover the questions in your post, and much else. I found it worth a listen.
  3. There is also this British version, excellent cast with the sensibilities to enhance the story in this medium.
  4. I had one of these with some Richter Dragons, it worked very well, sounded great. That’s a very good price for a very nice tube integrated amp. GLWTS.
  5. I really would love to listen to your dac off, I’m sure it would be amazing. So much good stuff out there!
  6. Audio cable 3.5mm mono to 3.5mm mono should do. Less than $5.00 from an electronics store. Search engine for “audio cable”. You can grab some RCAs from the same place, when you want to experiment and if you feel a need to, lots come up in the classifieds here for very good prices. https://www.jaycar.com.au/audio-cable-3-5mm-mono-plug-to-3-5mm-mono-plug-1-5m/p/WA7006?pos=1&queryId=0b56755c6a8de875037a9f24ec3763e1#
  7. I'm pretty happy with my system overall, but will always wonder "but what if?" I would like to try other power sources, my voltage is pretty steady but a bit high at 248volts. It doesn't stop me enjoying music at all, but for me extraneous noise that I can't control (neigbours dog yapping, lawnmowers etc.) sometimes require a zen like mindfulness.
  8. I may not know technical stuff, but I know what I like! And that is a the full range that a couple of good subs add to my space, regardless of having some very capable floor standers. My Rels get fed from both my power amp for 2 channel music via the Hi level connection and the low level connections out of the AVR. Boom boom shake the room.
  9. I’ve bought some great vinyl from members here, vinyl and CDs at gigs, downloads off bandcamp and stream a lot. I find I sit and engage more with the physical media, definitely more of an immersive and concentrated experience for me. Love the cover art on records. Still buy CDs, new and second hand, can’t always commit to the price asked for a vinyl LP unless I feel it is something special. I chuck a heap of stuff in my library when streaming that I may or may not get back to. I have discovered a lot more new (to me) artist and music this way, they all sound good!
  10. This isn’t peer reviewed, but I’ve just measured a couple of Ethernet cables. They are both 3 metres.
  11. Don’t forget Bosch! Best TV detective series out of the USA I’ve seen. He is no yuppie, a pretty gritty imperfect man with a love of vinyl and jazz. Great series, great music. Old school McIntosh valves!
  12. I was going to post some smartar*e comment about originality psychology and engineering but now I really can’t be bothered and I’m going to listen to some music. Teraphonic Overdubs by Chris Joss should calm the farm.
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