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  1. Early impressions: more of all the strengths of the Empys (smoothness, staging, etc) but with much more forward vocals. Personally just where i like them! Demo pair just in for Brisbane peeps (or anyone else for in-home trial). https://indiehifi.com.au/collections/headphones/products/elite
  2. Hey the photos (all except the last) are of an Aeolus. You sure you got the right photos up? Last one is a Verite Open.
  3. Sorry i can't comment on the Aries as i haven't heard them but anyone wanting to hear Sonore in-home just let me know (Indie Hi-Fi is the Autralian delaer for Sonore). https://indiehifi.com.au/pages/sonore https://indiehifi.com.au/pages/in-home-trial
  4. @Atrebs nice stand, where'd you get that?!
  5. Yeah i love the A2Noire. Portability is insane also, so yeah Stealth has big promise. I'm not sure how limited they will be but i've got 1x demo pair and 1x stock pair coming as soon as they hit Oz shores (mid Sept).
  6. Ah yes good point. I do have an opto dx set still to try out. Sounds like some testing to do. Back to the thread but great side tips!
  7. That's so good to know. I hadn't even thought of that. It would therefore power the MS and TT2 stack. Very nice solution.
  8. Just fyi that 3 Verite Opens in Sapele have come in. Expecting some of each model at various stages up until late Sept when stock should stabilise and be maintained. https://indiehifi.com.au/products/zmf-verite-open Cheers Hugo
  9. Hey Tony, sorry i don't use JRiver but with Audirvana on Win10 it's plug and play, no additional drivers needed.
  10. Hey Alex welcome! I have no idea about Aaron speakers but i'm sure many here will.
  11. Hi All, due to a few requests i've extended the pre-sale event by a week. So deadline is Tuesday 17th August. Hope it helps.
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