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  1. Have you followed my very first suggestion about unplugging it at the wall for 10 minutes? Then check the menus again. Also not sure what all your other quotes of me are saying. Please try and explain again. cheers Grant
  2. This is going to sound pretty bad, but….Unplug it from the wall, wait 10 mins, plug in and start. Do not ignore this step just because it sounds ridiculous: it is a computer, and this step alone has fixed an issue for my 105. Also make sure you have the latest firmware installed, under Settings / Device Setup, should be 10XAU-83-1226. If not, go here for installation: https://support.interdyn.com.au/support/solutions/articles/4000096644--bdp-10x-version-bdp10x-83au-1226-most-recent-firmware Go to Settings Menu / Device Setup / Reset Factory Defaults /
  3. Hi guys, my comment was actually more about the outdated reference to iTunes….I guess my tongue was so firmly in my cheek that it got mistaken for something else…. cheers Grant
  4. Probably because Tidal hasn’t been replaced by Apple Music…..yet. 🤔 😉 Cheers
  5. Hi Chris, while I am the first to cheer the general criticism of marketing machines, such as the one that feeds audio journalism itself, and so I have done my best to understand the issues you raise, I have thus far come away mainly with the impression that you have grasped the wrong end of the stick, both in relation to companding in the modern world, and Dolby’s status and focus in relation to the recording and playback of music today. Object oriented audio, of which Dolby Atmos is but one example, has been the subject of an enormous amount of research and development
  6. Sure, maybe. But you started with an evidence-based argument that was a few ingredients short of the full recipe 😝 , and now you have flipped to a debatable theoretical one. After all, an unnatural soundstage is only one possible result of the stereo-to-Atmos treatment. cheers Grant
  7. Hi Steffen, if I had to summarise using 4.0 to evaluate Atmos recordings, I'd say it's like judging the flavour of a 13-ingredient recipe..... made with 4 ingredients.
  8. Nice post Alan. What the discerning reader will have noticed, is that if you have a balanced view on LP and TT here, you have to defend yourself against accusations of being biased against it. Bit of a shame IMHO. cheers Grant
  9. Just take a quickie photo of every page of your CD cover and slideshow them on your 65” TV while the music plays. Any nearby LPs will soon be feeling intimidated….. cheers Grant
  10. Is it already safe again to say the truth like that? 😇 Just a day or two ago, the OP said it’s trolling even to claim it’s a thing. cheers Grant
  11. Hi Chris, That DBX justification doesn’t sound realistic to me. Who among us at home is actually hearing the noise floor embedded into their compact discs? Surely, if any noise floor is audible, it is going to be that of their home electronics, or possibly the noises in the recording studio in the same room as the microphones? I don’t see an extra 20 DB as achieving anything. Perhaps I missed your point. Cheers, Grant
  12. How dare a brand named Origami design a dead straight tonearm? 😲
  13. Indeed, one of the very brightest.
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