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  1. Quadraspire Q4. Once the spacers get here, I'll post the proof. 🥰
  2. I'm still waiting for the Naim spacers that go underneath the panels. They arrived in Perth 2 days after ordering them from UK. That was a week ago...
  3. $150 for the custom job @ Seaton Glass Adelaide, delivered in 3 days. My Naims are so happy now. Fire away 🤣
  4. This is a serious bit of kit at an incredible price. @Steever
  5. Bought brand new in 2017, upgraded the RAM to 32GB since. No longer have the mouse. The machine works impeccably and has no blemishes or marks or any sort of damage. Have the full package, including the brown exterior box in which the glossy carton goes in. It has the flash drive so it's blazing fast. Been using an external (USB 3.0 ~500MB/s load speeds) SSD drive to install huge games and other apps (including bootcamp Windows), so storage wise there's no limitation here. Full Specs: Late 2015, 5K 27" i5 quad core 3.2GHz 32GB Ram 250GB
  6. Best amplifier I have ever had. Do not be fooled by the 2x 80W statement. This beast makes 200W power amps feel under powered by comparison.
  7. Gday folks. I'm looking to order 2 sheets of tempered smoked glass, CNC edged, 10mm thick, 450mm x 350mm. Does anyone know who could manufacture something like this for a reasonable price? Thanks.
  8. Interested. When was this built/purchased? What's the battery's condition? Thanks.
  9. Interested in exchanging my Naim Nac 272 for a Naim Nac 282. Thank you.
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