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  1. How long ago? And do u mind if I asked what you paid? I tried mine with my sonus Faber cremona auditors and it sounds good but I think just too much power
  2. I just noticed you have a yammie p2200. I have two of these and absolutely love them. I had a relay fitted in one however I need to get the other one fitted and my better physical one has a Humm, I'm guessing DC but I should probably get both recapped as they still have the original caps in them. The uglier one I have has leaking caps but still sounds better than the one without leaking caps? No idea but if you have ever had it recapped, what caps did you use and did u change anything else? I'm going to dremel a iec or powercon connection into both.
  3. I am trying to find the YouTube video of the guy that modified a pair by changing the crossover and adding a port next to the tweeter. I have heard elektras both through classe and ps audio power amps. The ps audio Stella mono blocks definitely sound superb. And so did the classè. Funnily enough the guy from classè helped develop the ps audio mono blocks. Just depends if u like class a/b or class d with a tube input.
  4. Would mdf work? I have a pair of speakers. Not downfiring but they are on spikes and still Abit boomy. I have tonnes of mdf planks about the right size
  5. How do they compare to the elektras? I have a pair of tc120 tweeters that I think we're in the older elektras?
  6. So these will cover all inputs and outputs? I'm confused as to pay the extra money. I'm looking at replacing about 16 iec outs and ins
  7. Your one must have been the successor to the ones I bought. I bought 4 Wyse ZX0 AMD G-T52R 1.50GHz / 4GB / 8GB Flash Thin Client Z90S7. The ram on Kodi seems fine it never maxes out however the CPU sure does. I need to use minimalist skins. I guess the ATI graphics codecs in Linux are just so much better than Nvidia and probably even intel I am using libreelec by the way.. I was able to add 60gb SSD by doing a mod to a sata power cable. For two of them. The other two I have are currently running daphile as it's able to fit on the exis
  8. This is what I've been waiting for, are these the original or the second version.? You will be able to tell by if there is one fuse on the back or two
  9. Sorry I got confused. From what I had read on other forums it seemed that there was 3 versions to start. The basic which can't be pulled out under load. The true1 line and the weather proof ones. I didn't realize there was another series. I can get like 20 connections for the ones that u can't remove on fullvload from eBay for about $30.. that's males females and plates. Would it be worthwhile or am I going to forget and pull it out of my power amp and cry?
  10. Further information: here is a pair of Aaron ats-5 mk1. These are no longer made but parts are still available. They would suit a home Cinema or even someone getting into hifi. Could make for a kickass pair of rears. I have always loved these speakers and am willing to sell them now, if anyone is interested let me know. I thought I should note that the second from bottom bass drivers have small dimples in the dust covers. They definitely have not been pushed in and from my Google searches it seems very common for Aaron drivers. This does not affect the sound at all as far as I can tell, a
  11. NAC3FCA-1 NAC3MPXXA These seem to be discontinued as neutrik is only selling the grey and blue and the waterproof ones now.
  12. If u ever see anything u want from grays in Sydney, after our lockdown I can help you out. They are on the other side of Sydney so I would be breaking the law by going at the moment but I'm happy to help fellow sna members
  13. I'll get to it in a few weeks when my new workbench turns up
  14. So my plan was to change every iec over to neutrik powercon and then have occ copper as the power cables between terminations? Waste of time? Here is my power board. I was going to rip out the iec and put in neutriks. If possible. And still confused whether to get the blue and white neutriks or the black neutriks powecon series
  15. Easier to install applications and programs? Than windows 7? I'm yet to find a Linux os that doesnt leave a windows user stumped
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