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  1. Hi All, I did some small testing tonight and got small minor improvements, increasing the sub distance and upping the crossover to 90hz on the AV settings helped a bit too. Basically ive found from 20-40hz the sub will shake the whole room and it sounds amazing, anything over 60hz it just seems to fall flat on its face. Ill do some more testing and see what i can achieve. Im waiting to wall mount my TV and then ill also have Red Spade come out. Thanks!
  2. Sorry for the stupid questions. Even if i run rew and see the dips / peaks etc, I really have no way of fixing them apart from trying to move the sub around the room and re running it right?
  3. To eliminate the speaker zone I could set the crossover to 100hz? If i was to get a UMIK id also need a tripod aswell?
  4. I may bite the bullet and buy the mic soon if I cant get any improvement with the above suggestions. I just dont want to end up spending a heap of money on suggestions that may or may not work, because in the end they may add up to the price of a 2nd sub lol. Thanks!
  5. I have previously tried running them as large but it didnt sound that great.
  6. Sadly i do not have a mic or anything to test with
  7. I would prefer not to buy another sub purely just due to cost, if i did get a 2nd sub though do i just place it on the side of the tv? I just used the Yamaha setup on the amp. Thankyou ill give this a go.
  8. Sorry for the stupid question but why would one ever need to adjust phase on the sub then?
  9. If it does end up along that wall, does it matter which way it is facing?
  10. Sadly because the room is so small, thats as far as i can bring the right tower in.
  11. Can give that a go, will that cause an issue with 1 tower being closer to the middle than the other?
  12. @Snoopy8 I no longer have the previous sub, but when i move to certain areas of the room its putting out huge amounts of bass and where I am sitting its much much less. Treating the room sadly will not be an option. There room isn't very big so i don't have a lot of room to work with. Ive run the room correction software and it sounds almost the same. Ive tried lowering the crossover to 60hz and that helped a little bit but not much. Thanks!
  13. Hey Guys, I moved into a new house and decided to treat myself to a new sub while i was at it. The room is 3600x3600 with the roof being 2590 high. I know squares are very bad for home theater rooms but not much i can do about that lol. Is there anyone in Melbourne who could come and help me sort this issue out? Happy to pay or donate beer etc lol, just would really like a bit more out of my setup. Thanks!
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