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  1. I have this arm and it's really fantastic! Not only does it sound very good, it's very well-engineered and adjustments are very easy.
  2. Yes, it’s just a power regenerator, supplies your amp with cleaner, more stable power.
  3. Wow this must be the lowest price for P10 I’ve seen here. Too bad i bought mine a few weeks back. definitely a must-have for serious hifi. Totally improves every aspect of the music.
  4. Wow, but i would never buy high value items from someone with so little feedback. $360 buy it now sounds too good to be true.
  5. Item: Curious Evolved USB Cable anything longer than 0.8m Price Range: Anything reasonable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: PM me if you have 1 to sell
  6. Even with only 2 channels working, this is a great price! Someone just got a great bargain.
  7. Maybe make it the first line of your description and bold it or red text it.
  8. Obviously many people are gonna NOT read the description and think it's $3k.
  9. I have always loved the Modwright sound. I'm sure these would sound really impressive! GLWTS.
  10. Used to own an LP12, still one of the best and most musical turntables around. at this price, it’s a steal!
  11. OMG.... these are such a temptation and you’re like 10 minute’s drive from my place!
  12. They deserve all the praise they get. Heard these some years back when i was speaker shopping and they were the most engaging speakers i heard. Punch well above their weight and size. At this asking price, they are a real bargain!
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