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  1. Thanks, I am very aware of various concrete products which are unsuitable in many applications. And plasterboard designs with higher ratings than aercrete. And often plasterboard is used with aercrete to improve the rating of aecrete. And for higher ratings, I don't use aercrete as it has lower density than non aerated concrete and has a worse acoustic rating. And I know that plasterboard is regularly used in France.
  2. Quick thought, if you have everything running at a level you would listen to a movie at. Your ears are more accurate than your phone app across the different frequency ranges of the speaker settings. I've set stuff by measurement before. Then trimmed by 2dB mid movie by ear. Your ears are what matters. My other question, have you ever heard a system running an AVR that gets the sound and impact you want? For me personally, the answer is no.
  3. I've tested phone apps against NATA calibrated SLMs and phone apps are wildly inaccurate. If you get the right answer it is luck. Often out by 8dB even after so called calibration curves for your phone when measuring broadband noise. There is only so much calibration can do when it is amplifying 0s and random noise. When measuring your sub output it is quite possible you are just measuring the deficiency of your phone and app when you got +7dB. I'd expect a phone to read low at low frequency. Phone microphones, filters and amps are optimised for between 30
  4. Nice move! For some reason, nearly every 2nd hand item of hifi or motor vehicle interest to me comes up for sale in WA. Always shipping to Sydney, should buy my own truck.
  5. Overlapping would work. Seems like a lot of potential to go wrong compared to the usual on furring channel. https://www.gyprock.com.au/products/accessories-resilient-mount-clip
  6. Without plastering the gaps it won't achieve the acoustic rating of standard PB install. And these screws are claiming about an 8 point improvement in Rw which could replace impact clips on channel.
  7. Has it been announced? I entered but haven't heard or seen anything.
  8. Looks interesting! Trying to figure out how if you lean on a sheet it doesn't move and crack the joins with the sheet next to it. Unless joint tape is enough.
  9. Have to say the topic heading just makes me smile. I'm a consultant and have days where wish I could repurpose some of my thin clients.
  10. Start by having a goal of what you want to achieve. I haven't upgraded in 3 years, but was every 6-12 months before that. Enjoy seeing others enjoy it. Be grateful for what you have. If getting the itch. Don't listen to it for a week or two, turn it back on and you may find it's fine as it is. You were just wanting to tinker for the sake of it.
  11. It's mostly kids bedrooms and portable speakers for outside or as needed. Wished I'd gone with the KEF wireless etc. Only really use Roon via the Sonos Connect plugged to a decent DAC in my second setup. For me Sonos' one saving is the Connect makes a nice versatile streamer for Roon, Spotify etc with a unique feature in that if I loop my amp's line out back to the Connect line in then it can party mode all other Sonos devices to play the same as my second system, whether off my HD, Roon etc.
  12. Personally I don't think speaker positioning relative to walls is going to change a lot between 200Hz and where the B&W house sound brightness occurs. Yes it will change low end base. And yes room treatments can have some effect, but not on the direct sound. The best test to see if you fundamentally like the speaker response, ignoring less than 200Hz in my opinion is to bring them out to about 1/3 room length about say 1.5m apart and sit about 1.5m away, assuming room is big enough to be well away from walls, and see if they still seem bright and play with toe a bit
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