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  1. @BugPowderDust that’s some delicious looking gear there mate. Very nice!!
  2. @BugPowderDust mind sharing some pics? Great thread by the way!
  3. Sound wise did you detect any improvements with what you get get through Tidal via Roon?
  4. I get an error saying product not available in your country. Are you'll using VPN to download?
  5. Con, wondering what is the rest of the room? Is it an open space or a dedicated room?
  6. i was fortunate enough to listen to this model at Nick's place and wrote a mini review which you can read here:
  7. No volume control on the denafrips dac I'm pretty sure Con. @maggieman66 What pre amp were you using before? Put it back and if there's no hum then you got your answer.
  8. These are the pictures the seller has sent me. Are they the ones you are referring to? i can't tell from my untrained eyes
  9. Hello mate, appreciate you are trying to help and if you want to sell something I can respect that too. However, I'm just after tubes at the moment. Thank you. Will keep an eye out. Much appreciated!
  10. I have just sent Russel a message. Thank you for the recommendation!
  11. @Ittaku I laughed so hard I almost dropped my phone reading your comment 🤣 🤣🤣🤣 Love your no bs approach!
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