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  1. I started with a magnum dynalab ST2 good for indoors and out and then whent then external fm dipole antenna. If you are keen reading up on Yagi Uda is interesting, some info online. Buy one https://www.antennas-amplifiers.com/antenna-band-pass-filter-splitter-low-noise-yagi Or if you want to, build one. I have not gone that far. https://www.zl2al.com/3219/building-a-multiband-yagi/ The ST2 may be a start? Dont have high rise near me so not sure how it would work but it is omnidirectional.
  2. Ditto the Townshend does a great job, and the balanced ins and out are useful. If you dont need those and can afford it go the Bespoke.
  3. Not an owner yet. But have to say this thread is enticing. Thankyou for the inspiration and knowledge. Liking the sound of this and am dreaming of the custom timber case posted earlier.
  4. Am using a CEC tl51xr as a transport and am very happy. The detail from the CD is further improved by the Abbas 4.1SE, or certaily musically compatible. I was reading about different transports and their signature sounds and would love to try others. Just costs money Dont forget the GEC 6X5 if you havent already. Big bottle, big improvement.
  5. Yep thoroughly enjoying Thanks again for the recommendation.
  6. Grey old day in Melbourne heating is on. Forgive the quality I have emailed re a lid He will be getting a few done as a common request now. Abbas is a busy man. Have been swapping out his RCA's with Aurealis, Dueland 50 and R3i AgCul, hmmm, close contest. I think the Tube upgrade was more profound. Will give some more hours but interconnects are very system dependent I think and all 3 are great cables. The mix is proving interesting, all 3 very neutral but differing sound stage qualities for me. Enjoy the Abbas when it arrives interested to hear what you think.
  7. Thank you @xlr8or for your recommendation, finally got a GEC 6X5G CV572 and a 6X4, WOW that's an improvement, not insignificant dollars wise but worth it. @cccrchairman 👍 I have to run it with the lid off for now and will work something out further down the line.
  8. I think 17mm diameter, measured with a cheap plastic pair.
  9. I have a pair of these and they are an ear opener! GLWTS
  10. Will give them a go. I agree , the large connector doesn't hinder me only if I want to connect my somewhat vintage fm tuner. Comparing it to the R3i in my system the Abbas is bigger sound stage but bigger all over the R3i AgCul, as detailed and a little more restrained. Swap them around depending what I am listening too is an option but would not remove it oh no. Look forward to comparing it with the duelund eventually.
  11. Thanks MattyW will give it a read. look forward to your final impressions on the Abbas SPDIF, if it changes?
  12. Let me tidy my room first. CD is a CEC tl51xr which has a not too shaby DAC of its own. As a CD player and transport its great. I havent compared it with another player and probably wont as very happy chap at the moment. I did play SACD in DSD two channel from a primare bd32 but think the Abbas and CEC combo in 16/44 is better. Havent given up on SACD just need to get an old Sony to play them on.
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