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  1. Thanks RCAJack, If you look closely in the image of the circuit board, you'll notice the integrated chip in the middle has pretty much cracked in half! I should have flagged this. If you could recommend a cheap basic class d sub amp board on ebay for me to play with I'd appreciate that very much. I'd enjoy tinkering with that. It's ALIVE!
  2. Once upon a time there was a paradigm 'Cinema 100CT' subwoofer. A lowly sub in the grand scheme of things, retailing around the $600 mark, but content with its humble lot in hi-fi life. One dark day and one integrated circuit failure later the sub had become a shell of its former self. Now useless and forlorn. Enough of this. My sub has cacked itself. I'm left with a pretty enclosure and a great driver but screwed internals. A new back plate will cost about $350 from a Paradigm dealer (who were very helpful in the matter). But I'd rather buy a new second hand Rel or svs for a bit more. Suggestions welcome. I'm fairly handy and can solder a bit. So should I buy a diy amplifier plate online and create a frankensub? Or just move the parts on for free to someone who can use them. Thoughts on the matter welcome.
  3. Item: Oil painting Price Range: n/a Item Condition: n/a Extra Info: I have several oil painted portraits, all sorts, one of which I'm happy to move on at your selection. The portraits in the attached image are from a mugshot series I completed some time ago. In exchange, I'm hoping I might find someone in North Brisbane who has a mid range dac (up to $1500) they would be able to lend me for a weekend or over a few nights. You are welcome to join me when I a/b test it against my current entry dacs. I'm totally confused about the impact a 'decent' dac will have on my system. I can't hear a reliable difference between my arcam rdac and my lgv30 mobile phone on my system. I've also come back to spotify from Tidal as I love discover weekly. So before I drop some cash on a dac I want piece of mind I haven't over invested. Would love to try a topping d90, gieseler, denafrips, the usual suspects. Topping e30 would be of interest too. Thanks for the consideration.
  4. Further information: Inherited some gear as I’m known as a tech guy but it’s all pa gear and I’m a hifi junkie! The Soundcraft is in good working order. Happy for potential buyer to take home and audition to ensure it’s up to scratch. As such, I’d prefer a local buyer in case of return but am open to suggestions. I’ll also chuck in a Bose 502c if it is of interest. It powers on ok but I can not test it and don’t know its working condition. I’ll make a donation to stereonet upon sale. Photos:
  5. Hi, let me know if you are still keen on this. I’m in Brisbane. I bought my Elears in the a2a sale a couple of months ago and have made my own shorter headphone cable. The cable is pretty much unused. If you’re ok paying $50 and postage, ($8 should cover it) I’m happy. I’ll send photos etc if you are interested. I also have the original fancy box which may be of interest. Cheers, Andy.
  6. Good buy, mine drives my focal elears as well as my schiit magni 3 to my ears. Streaming tidal with USB audio player pro....happy days. GLWS.
  7. All sorts of issues going on inbetween the drivers, any suggestions welcome.
  8. Kudos to the 3D printers and laser cutters out there but faced with a problem my answer is always...wood. Long live utilitarianism...
  9. Afternoon me hearties, It's a maelstrom of options out there I tell ye! And I find meself all at sea without the stars to guide me. So.....a little guidance if ye please. (Removes eye patch) I have a spare PC to play with and intend to tinker with some dedicated audio operating systems to see if I can improve sonically on the vanilla Win10 or Ubuntu experience. But, holy moly, there seem to be a lot of options out there! I will be listening to nearly everything via Tidal on said PC to a USB DAC to my amp. (My DAC is not MQA compatible but I can live with that). I don't have a library of music to integrate so it will be dedicated to streaming. I do have android and IOS devices I can use as a remote, which would be cool but isn't essential. I have access to a win10 license if I go that route or can go linux based. Interestingly, I found Ubuntu to have a livelier more dynamic sound which I preferred to Win10 when I compared them side by side using two different PCs. Win 10 sounded more laid back and neutral to me, although I should add the Ubuntu PC had better specs, better RAM and a better processor. Anyway, getting back on track, options which keep cropping up are Audirvana, Volumio and Euphony among several others. All suggestions welcome. (Dons eye patch) Thank ye kindly for ye time - I pray for it to rain shekels on ye and may the Kraken never be a botherin.
  10. So I’ve decided to park my Spotify vehicle and give the flashier Tidal masters a spin around the block. Only problem is I’m not sure I can run the ‘masters’ tracks from my Ubuntu Pc. Tidal runs from the web client just fine from Ubuntu but the masters tracks can only be run from the desktop client (sadly absent for Ubuntu). If any of you good people have any suggestions let me know. I specifically would like to run it from this Ubuntu Pc as it is tied to my posh system. Such a niche puzzle I know....
  11. Excellent advice to trial Tidal has been given, especially considering the current offers on the service. Although I have been chuckling that several members will take a hit on the sound quality for the convenience of Spotify (I can see myself in this group potentially) but will definitely try Tidal. Lastly, some naughty scoundrels have rocked the boat suggesting a magic bullet streamer could be the way forward - (Cambridge or Bluesound) I’m holding a shield up to this advice for fear it might turn my gaze away from a new dac. But a big thankyou to all those who have shred their good time and superb advice to shine a light on the subject.
  12. It’s a double lock up garage with the doors walled off! About 6x5m. I’ve treated the ceiling reflection point and side wall and have some corner treatment. The rear of the room is my expertly engineered diffusion mess. I’m open to critique! Indeed, good sir, I invite it.
  13. Alas, I contacted the buyer but was too late. I fear this Klein III may be shaping up to be my white whale! I’ll man the crow’s nest again tonight!
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